should you upgrade the new scrivener 3

The New Scrivener 3.0 – Should You Upgrade?

Did you know Literature and Latte released version 3 of their acclaimed writing software Scrivener? Scrivener is famous for its rich functionality, but also its steep learning curve. If you’ve taken the time to learn an existing version of Scrivener, or are a newcomer looking to try it out yourself, making the move to version […]

How to Use Scrivener to Edit Your Novels

As a writer, you need tools that help you organize your thoughts and eliminate distractions, so you can focus on what’s really important: the story. One of the best tools (of all time?) for this is the powerhouse writing software Scrivener. I started using it a few years ago, and it has transformed my writing process. […]

Top Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2015

Top Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2015

Sometimes buying Christmas gifts is fun. Sometimes it’s hard. If you’re like me, you’re always on the watch for that perfect unique gift for all your favorite people on your list. In this year’s installment of our annual Christmas Gifts for Writers post, see if you can find just the right gift for the writers […]