Top Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2015

Top Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2015

Sometimes buying Christmas gifts is fun. Sometimes it’s hard. If you’re like me, you’re always on the watch for that perfect unique gift for all your favorite people on your list. In this year’s installment of our annual Christmas Gifts for Writers post, see if you can find just the right gift for the writers on your list–or for yourself. Never too late to get that letter off to the North Pole, right?

Christmas Gifts for Fun-Loving Writers

(Note: the following are affiliate links.)

1. Jane Austen Action Figure

Every writer needs a mascot! Why not let your mascot be your muse too? Set action-figure Jane up on your desk for some everyday inspiration (or maybe just playtime). You can complete the set with Shakespeare, Dickens, and Poe.

1 Jane Austen Action Figure

2. Avengers Flash Drives Set

Save all your important writing and show off your proud inner nerd with this set of four 8GB flash drives, featuring our favorite Marvel Avengers.

2 Avengers Flash Drives

3. Music Fountain Dancing Water Speakers

Jazz up your writing sessions with a visual symphony to accompany your writing music. It’s like the fireworks in your brain right before your eyes!

2 Dancing Water Speakers

Christmas Gifts for Writers Who Are Researching

Make sure you’re getting all your facts right in your latest story by double-checking commonly made errors in these handy reference guides.

4. Body Trauma: A Writer’s Guide to Wounds and Injuries by David W. Page

4 Body Trauma a Writers Guide David W Page

5. The Writer’s Guide to Weapons by Benjamin Sobieck

5 Writer's Guide to Weapons by David Sobieck

6. Swordfighting, for Writers, Game Designers and Martial Artists by Guy Windsor

6 Swordfighting for Writers Game Designers and Martial Artists Guy Windsor

Christmas Gifts for Health-Conscious Writers

7. Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair

Life at a desk can cause major health problems, both to our backs, necks and wrists, and also to compressed internal organs. One smart solution is a balance-ball chair that encourages good posture, as well as circulation. That it strengthens your abs and other core muscles is just a bonus!

7 Balance Ball Chair Isokinetics

8. Swiftpoint Mobile Mouse

Ergonomic mouses (mice?) have been attempting to address the problem of wrist strain and repetitive injury for a long time. This revolutionary new design seeks to mimic the more natural movements of our hands when writing, allowing for less repetitive movement. This model is designed for mobile tablets; they also offer a laptop model.

8 Swiftpoint Mobile Mouse

9. Ergotron Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

Standing desks can be a great alternative to sitting all day at your computer. This model sits atop your desk and adjusts up and down, so you can choose when to sit and when to stand to best alleviate the pressure on your back.

9 Sit Stand Desktop Workstation

Christmas Gifts for Reading Writers

10. Zipper Bookend

Zip up your place in your favorite book with this clever little bookmark.

10 Zipper Bookmark

11. Prism Glasses for Reading in Bed

No more getting a crick in your neck while reading in bed. Lie flat and see your book’s pages without straining your eyes or contorting your position.

11 Prism Glasses

12. Typographical Symbols Wooden Bookends

Organize your latest batch of books and show off your punctuating style with these beautiful bookends.

Typographical Bookends

Christmas Gifts for Stylish Writers

13. So Many Books So Little Time Pendant Necklace

This gorgeous little number does triple duty as a fashion statement, a timepiece, and a reminder of this universal truism among readers and writers.

12 So Many Books So Little TIme Watch Pendant

14. Out Of Print Library Card Socks

Get your toes warm on Christmas morning with these funky odes to the retro library card.

13 Out of Print LIbrary Card Socks

15. You Know You Are a Writer When T-Shirt

Perfect for Wordplayers who follow my daily #YouKnowYouAreAWriterWhen tag on Twitter and Facebook! Let the world know what it’s really like to be a writer.

14 You Know You Are A Writer When T-Shirt

Christmas Gifts for Writing Writers

16. Writer’s Block Journal

Get it? It’s a visual pun!

15 Writer's Block Journal

17. Writer Emergency Pack Writing Prompts and Exercises

I’m not generally much of one for writing exercises, but nearly every card in this deck offers some kind of insightful and cliche-bursting suggestion.

Writer Emergency Pack

18. TaoTronics Handheld Document Scanner

Never waste time typing up research notes and the like again. Instantly, scan and digitize your entire library.

16 Portable Document Scanner

Christmas Gifts for Mobile Writers

19. Identification Skins for Apple Chargers

Never confuse your charger with someone else’s. Stamp it with your personal style, for pleasure as well as purpose. This “Heroes” set is my favorite (naturally).

17 Whooze iPhone Parent Heroes Stickers

20. Pencil-Style Digital Stylus

Who says we can’t be tech-cool and old-school? Go back to your pencil-writing roots with this premium walnut digital stylus for your phone and tablet.

18 FiftyThree Pencil Digital Stylus

21. Rolling Laptop Desk

Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders for stuck creativity. Take your desk on the move with this stylish, space-conserving laptop desk.

21 Rolling Laptop Cart Desk

Christmas Gifts for Organized Writers

22. Antique Book Tissue Box Dispenser

Hide your ugly old tissue box with behind this lovely handcrafted ode to old books.

22 Books Tissue Box Cover

23. Wall Mounted Mail and Key Organizer

Keep your papers (and keys) off your desk and neatly sorted in this beautiful antique-replica organizer.

23 Bronze Mail and Key Organizer

24. 5-Tier Corner Bookshelf

What writer can’t always use another bookshelf? Take advantage of that empty corner space in your office to display even more of your favorite books.

24. 5-Tier Corner Bookshelf

Christmas Gifts for Writers Who Are Always Learning

25. Writing How-To Books

Finally, don’t forget that writing how-to books are always at the top of any writer’s list. You can check out my full list of Recommended Reading for Writers and my own series of writing books below. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wordplayers, tell me your opinion! What are your top Christmas gifts for writers this year? Tell me in the comments!

Top Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2015

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  1. That t-shirt is perfect, so perfect. I love it!

    • It is is perfect! I mostly like knowing that I’m not the only one who does the shower thing. More, I will even speak the dialogue tags, “he said, she said.”

      • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

        I always think of the Cameron Diaz’s “voiceover” in The Holiday. That’s pretty much how I go through my day!

      • I don’t do it in the shower, but I most certainly act out dialogue between characters. It’s fun, and it helps me to see how if it sounds ridiculous when said out loud. I don’t say ‘he said’ or ‘she said’; but I do change my voice. I basically act like I’m recording an audio drama 😀 (just did it about an hour ago, actually)

  2. Lorna G. Poston says

    Someone posted a photo of a mug on FB today that said, “Pay no attention to my browsing history. I’m a writer, not a serial killer.”

  3. These are fantastic suggestions, although I already have that weapons book. (wink wink)

    Another idea is the gift of time and solitude through a hotel gift card and the promise of a free weekend. I don’t think any writer would turn that down.

    Excellent post as always. Thanks, KM!

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Hah! Thanks for stopping by, Ben. 🙂 Your book’s on my Christmas list this year. Put in a good word to Santa for me, will you? 😉

  4. These are great! I like the Jane Austen doll. I got myself Structure Your Novel and the workbook for my Christmas present.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Ah, so that’s why Santa keeps calling me. 😉 Thanks, Eileen! I hope you find them useful in all your writing endeavors in 2016!

  5. I love all of those research book suggestions. (And the action figures. Seriously, that is awesome.)

    I would add Rory Miller’s “Violence: A Writer’s Guide.”

  6. I love Jane Austen. It’s hilarious that there’s an action figure.

    I also love the tissue box! I’m reclaiming the living room from “land of children’s toys” to “adult room that is actually decorated the way I like” since the kids are finally old enough to keep all their crap, I mean treasures, in their own room. The tissue box with the weird purple watercolored cardboard box that travels around the room is one of the last holdouts in getting the room organized. So clearly I need the antique book tissue box.

    And the other thing a writer would love for Christmas? Hours of quiet time to write!

  7. Billie Wade says

    The standbys still work well–gift cards to a favorite book store, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      My family think I’m nuts, but I just can’t quite bring myself to buy gift cards. I know people probably like them better than anything, but they’re so *boring* to buy! :p

  8. I just LOVE the Jane Austen action figure! What a great idea. Would love to see Shakespeare and Dickens…

  9. Colin Orian says

    The best writing-related gift I got was last Christmas when my god-mother got me a NaNoWriMo shirt. Until that point, my writing was a secret to the rest of the family (I talked to her about my writing since she’s a published poet). While it was a physical gift, she gave me the gift to finally express myself with my family.


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