Sometimes Even Pilots Have to Wing It

After a woman falls out of the sky in front of his biplane, can a brash barnstormer help her prevent storm-wielding sky pirates from destroying his Nebraska hometown?

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6 Tips For Organizing Your Novel Editing

6 Tips for How to Organize Your Novel’s Edits

Imagine this: you’ve received a ton of great feedback from your beta readers, critique partners, and/or editors. I mean a ton. You’re ready to dive in and start putting their suggestions to use. But… where do you start? How can you organize your novel’s edits so you can actually make sense of them? One of the reasons […]

How to Create a Complex Moral Argument for Your Theme

How to Create a Complex Moral Argument for Your Theme

On their surface, stories are nothing more than entertainment. They’re fun little ditties about cool people doing interesting things. But that’s not all stories are. Even the simplest of stories are saying something–they’re positing a moral argument about the world we live in. Cool, right? Even when we don’t intend to share a “message” with […]

Character Arcs Course Set

It’s Here! Mastering Character Arcs Online Course

Have you written a story with an exciting concept and interesting characters—but it just isn’t grabbing the attention of readers or agents? It’s time to look deeper into the story beats that create the kind of realistic and compelling character arcs that drive great fiction. I asked you all what you wanted me to teach […]


The #1 Tip for How to Write Books Readers Can’t Put Down

As an author, you have the ability to wield great power. But you know what? You’re probably not wielding it. This power is scary. It probably scares you. It definitely scares your readers. But assuming you want to learn how to write books readers can’t put down–that is a most excellent thing. What power am […]

How Fast Must You Write To Be A Successful Author?

How to Write Faster (and Why Maybe You Shouldn’t)

Today, I’m going to be contradictory: first, I’m going to show you how to master a killer skill (namely, how to write faster)–and then I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t use it. There are two reasons you might be interested in learning how to write faster: 1. Your daily word count is abysmal and you’re […]

How To Write Characters Who Are Children

8 Necessary Tips for How to Write Child Characters

With their alluring mix of innocence, alertness, selfishness, and idealism, child characters can create all kinds of interesting opportunities for irony, symbolism, character identification, and humor. But figuring out how to write child characters is territory fraught with potential pitfalls. This topic has been on my mind a lot these last few years, since both my […]

4 Important Considerations In Planning Your Story (What Every Author Can Learn From The Phantom Menace)

Planning Your Story: What George Lucas Can Teach You (Not) to Do

There are great mysteries in this life. Who shot JFK? How were the pyramids built? What happened to George Lucas? And what does this have to do with you planning your story? I admit it: I waste way too much of my life puzzling over the conundrum of George Lucas. There’s a lot to think about when it […]


How to Harness the Dark Side of Your Impact Character

If you’re wanting to write an awesome character arc for your protagonist, the “impact character” is going to be a central catalyst in making that happen. The impact character isn’t someone you hear discussed often (the term originates with the Dramatica storyform). However, this supporting character can single-handedly make or break your protagonist’s change arc. Usually, the […]

5 Tips To Help You Finish Your Book

6 Tips to Help You Finish Your Book

Every time I hear about a writer finishing a book, I want to jump up and down and go into a gospel choir of Hallelujahs! It’s a momentous accomplishment for two reasons. 1. Finishing your book is the most important thing any writer will ever accomplish. 2. Not many writers do it. Seriously. Depending on the source you […]

How To Get Readers To Rave About Your Scenes

How to Write Scenes Your Readers Will Rave About

Ever sit down at your computer, ready for the day’s writing session, only to wonder how to write scenes your readers will actually care about? There are a lot of considerations when it comes to how to write scenes. But really, there’s only one that matters to readers: Is it interesting? This is a totally obvious statement. […]