K.M. Weiland is the award-winning and internationally published author of the acclaimed writing guides Structuring Your Novel, Creating Character Arcs, and Writing Archetypal Character Arcs (among others) as well as the gaslamp fantasy Wayfarer, the historical/dieselpunk adventure Stormingthe portal fantasy Dreamlander, and the medieval epic Behold the Dawn. When she’s not making things up, she’s busy teaching story theory and technique on her award-winning blog. She makes her home in western Nebraska. For more information about her fiction, click here.


What should I read first on your site?

I recommend you start by reading my five core series:

How to Outline Your Novel

The Secrets of Story Structure

How to Write Character Arcs

How to Write Archetypal Character Arcs

How to Structure Scenes in Your Story

What services do you offer that can help me become a better writer?

I recommend starting with the blog. Since 2007, I’ve published over 1,500 posts. You can work your way through the entire archive, or start with some of the most popular subjects, linked in the left-hand sidebar. You can also sign-up for my bi-weekly e-letter to receive news, updates, inspiring quotes, handy resources, exclusive how-to content, creativity exercises, and an interactive Q&A feature. When you sign up, you will also receive my free e-book Crafting Unforgettable Characters.

You may also want to check out my writing craft books

Finally, be sure to grab my free “Wordplayer’s Manifesto,” browse my cache of infographics, or grab the free Scrivener template based on the principles I teach in my books.

Which of your writing how-to books should I read first?

Outlining Your Novel is about brainstorming and organizing ideas. It covers broader story principles like discovering your characters and figuring out your plot.

Structuring Your Novel is about the nitty-gritty of story, scene, and sentence structure.

Creating Character Arcs is about using structure to harmonize character, plot, and theme into a seamless and powerful narrative.

Writing Your Story’s Theme is about using plot structure and character arcs to realize a cohesive and resonant theme.

Writing Archetypal Character Arcs  is completely different from Creating Character Arcs. Although a reading of Creating Character Arcs will be helpful in understanding some of the underlying theory in Writing Archetypal Character Arcs, this new book builds on basic character arc techniques to explore the themes and symbolism of the six foundational archetypal “life arcs” found within the human experience. The familiar Hero’s Journey is the second of the six arcs, with the book exploring far beyond that to cover feminine arcs as well as arcs from the three segments of life: youthful, mature, and elder.

If you’re going to read all five, I recommend reading them in the order they were published (which is how they are listed above). They build right into each other. However, if you’re only going to read one, I recommend Creating Character Arcs. It’s more important than outlining and includes basic info on structuring.

Will you edit my book?

Unfortunately, my schedule does not allow me to personally consult on manuscripts.

>>Click here for my curated list of professional editors.

Will you review my book?

At this time, I am not taking on any solicited reviews.

Will you write a blurb or endorsement for my soon-to-be-published book?

I write endorsements only when I have fully read the book and can wholeheartedly give it five stars. Sadly, this rarely happens, so my policy is generally: no blurbs. Sorry!

Do you have a list of recommended books for writers?

Absolutely. I list my favorite writing-craft books here. Check back every now and then, since I’m always updating it.

Can you recommend an editor/cover designer/e-book converter?

Click here to find a list of all the book-industry professionals (most of whom I have personal experience with) whom I recommend.

What do you think of self-publishing?

As both an independently and traditionally published author, I’m a proponent of both publishing venues. Independent publishing has presented authors with unprecedented opportunities that should always be taken into consideration and weighed against the pros and cons of traditional publishing.

However, independent publishing does not guarantee success. I’ve seen far too many indie authors who jumped into publishing, believing with all their hearts their books were polished and professional, when they were anything but. Before opting to self-publish, take a moment (or several) to be brutally honest with yourself about your priorities. Hire professionals (especially an editor) to help you produce a product that will enhance your career as an author, rather than tarnish it.

Do you accept guest posts?

I’m sorry. I’m not currently accepting regular guest posts.

Do you write full time?

I manage to sneak a little sleeping, binge-reading, and chocolate-eating in there, but, yes, I’m blessed to spend all day, every day writing … and editing, and marketing, and blogging, and checking email, and … you get the idea.

What is your daily schedule?

Most of my days look something like this: breakfast, meditating and working out, reading, walking, showering, eating lunch, working on non-fiction projects, answering email and social media, writing, eating supper, watching movies, reading, sleeping.

Where can I find more info about your novels?

You can find all my novel-associated goodies on my author website KMWeiland.com. Or you can swing by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Apple.

If you’re unsure which book (or short story) to start with, check out the below chart (click for a bigger view):



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