Unboxing Review: Writer’s Medic Bag From Galen Leather Co.

Two things I love: taking my writing on the go (whether outside or to a coffee shop) and beautiful writing accessories. So I’m excited for this opportunity to review a handcrafted carrying case made just for writers, from the family-run company Galen Leather in Turkey. The company offered me my choice of products to review—which […]

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20 of the Most Instructive Quotes About Writing

I’ve been really into writing quotes lately. Many of the posts I write are inspired by great things I read from other authors, so I decided to go on a hunt through my archives and find twenty of my favorite instructive quotes about writing. There’s so much wisdom to be found in our fellow writers. […]

Help Me Build the Ultimate Glossary of Writing Terms

The Ultimate Glossary of Writing Terms

I still clearly remember the day I learned what “WIP” meant. I was a newbie on a writing forum, and everybody was using special writing terms like “WIP.” It got to the point where I wanted to scream: What’s a WIP? And why don’t I get one tooooooo? Then I googled it. Oh. Work-in-progress. That’s […]

10 Writing Resources You’re Missing Out On

What if I told you you’re missing out on half the writing resources I offer on this site? Here’s the thing about websites: all the focus is on the homepage, and that poor little homepage gets crowded fast. That’s where I have to put all the obvious stuff like the new posts, social media buttons, […]

Top Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2015

Top Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2015

Sometimes buying Christmas gifts is fun. Sometimes it’s hard. If you’re like me, you’re always on the watch for that perfect unique gift for all your favorite people on your list. In this year’s installment of our annual Christmas Gifts for Writers post, see if you can find just the right gift for the writers […]

10 of My Favorite Writing Craft Sites

The writing journey is all about discovering what works best of for each of us as individual, and very unique, writers. Learning from others is valuable in helping us glean tips and fit together the puzzle pieces that will form our own writing processes. Today, I’d like to share with you ten of the sites that inspire, educate, and […]

Professional resources for writers.

Professional Resources for Writers

Writing is no longer a solitary business. We may have to do the writing itself within the cat-shared solitude of our imaginations, but if we hope to offer a professional product to the world, we’re eventually going to need help.I’m frequently asked to recommend editors, proofreaders, and other industry professionals. Today, I’d like to present a list of my […]