Storming’s Launch Day! Win Prizes!

Time to get this party started! Today is the Launch Day for my fourth novel Storming, a historical/dieselpunk mashup that is dear to my heart for a lot of reasons:

1. I had probably more fun writing it than I have any of my other books.

2. Which makes sense, since I think you’ll find it the most objectively “fun” story out of anything I’ve written to date (but don’t worry, you’ll still get all your angsty characters in search of redemption, blood-and-thunder stakes, and what my totally prejudiced brain insists is the most adorable romantic subplot I’ve written yet).

3. Its setting (western Nebraska), if not the time (1920),  is very familiar to me, which was a blast for a change. (I’ll take you on a tour of the real-life settings here.) So I get to show you around my favorite places along the way.

4. It’s got biplanes!

5. For the first time ever, it combines my two genres–historical and speculative–by tossing in a fun dose of dieselpunk. (What’s dieselpunk? Think steampunk, but set between the World Wars instead of the Victorian period.)

All of this means I’m beyond pleased to finally get to share the book with all of you who have been eagerly (and patiently) waiting for it!

Sometimes Even Pilots Have to Wing It Storming A Dieselpunk Adventure K.M. Weiland

Where Can I Buy the Book?

You can purchase the book in paperback, on KindleNook, or Kobo. And if you really, really want the paperback and can’t just decide, I’m trying something new this time around: if you buy the paperback from Amazon, you’ll get the Kindle version free via their MatchBook program.

(Don’t have a Kindle but want to take advantage of the cheaper e-book options? No problem. You can read Kindle books off your computer, iPhone or iPad, or Android, using their respective Kindle apps.)

You can read the summary here, read the first chapter here, and watch the trailer here.

As always, I’m celebrating the book’s launch with PRIZES! So please join the party. There will be hourly prizes all day today and fun stuff all week (including daily games–with more prizes–on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+), culminating  in the Grand Prize Bundle.

Grand Prize

In the past when you guys have voted on prizes, you’ve always (totally reasonably) chosen the Kindle over the gift box. But I love gift boxes. So why shouldn’t we get the best of both worlds?

Win a Kindle and More!

This time, I’ve put together a huge prize bundle. One lucky winner will receive:

  • A brand-new Kindle (six-inch touchscreen)
  • Signed paperback editions of all my novels, including:
  • A $25 Amazon gift certificate (so you can stock that Kindle right away!)
  • A Steampunk Dial Pocket Watch (comes with a leather cord, so you can wear it as a necklace as well)
  • Replica JN-4D Biplane (as featured in the book)
  • Leather-Bound Journal
  • Cafe La Llave Espresso Coffee Brick (the best coffee)
  • Donckels Cocoa-Dusted Belgian Truffles (the best chocolate)

To Enter

The contest will run until Wednesday, December 9th. You can do several things throughout the week to earn contest points and increase your chances of winning. For every contest point earned, your name will be entered once more into the pool (e.g., if you’ve earned 18 points, you have 18 chances of winning). (Note: no purchase is necessary to enter.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone in the drawing, have fun, and thank you for helping me celebrate the launch of Storming!

Storming’s Launch Day! Win Prizes!

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K.M. Weiland is the award-winning and internationally-published author of the acclaimed writing guides Outlining Your Novel, Structuring Your Novel, and Creating Character Arcs. A native of western Nebraska, she writes historical and fantasy novels and mentors authors on her award-winning website Helping Writers Become Authors.


  1. The things that caught my eye first were the Kindle (even though I am normally a real book person) and that lovely biplane. I love planes!

  2. Sheryl Lewis says

    Congratulations on the release of your new book!! Also, thank you for all your writing articles, your advice, and being such an inspiration!

    Prizes in the bundle that caught my eye first were the Leather Bound Journal, signed paperbacks, and Kindle. But everything looks great!

  3. Ummm… The kindle or the gift card probably caught my eye first.
    Happy launch!

  4. Kristine Drumm says

    Excited to read your new book. You had fun writing it, I know I’ll have fun reading it!

  5. The Amazon gift card caught my eye 🙂

  6. Congrats on the new book. ..signed books and Kindle. Rest is cool too

  7. The whole package looks amazing! I’m really excited about getting a copy of your book! I’ve never read anything like it. The journal also caught my eye, as did the necklace/locket. And is that coffee?? Thanks for hosting a giveaway! And congrats on your release!

  8. Ooh, your books first caught my eye! And the Amazon gift card so I can *buy* more books. 😀

  9. Candida Nunez says

    Good luck with your latest publication, Katie! You are one of the very first people I followed on twitter. I still greatly enjoy our interactions. #steampunkfever

  10. I really want to win, so I can brew some coffee, then sit down to read your novel and eat chocolate! I also love all the nostalgic items, especially the pocket watch!

  11. Carrie-Grace M says

    This giveaway looks amazing. o.o The books caught my eye first, but all the prizes sound fabulous!! Congratulations on getting another book published! =)

  12. The four signed books definitely caught my eye first. 🙂 I love Behold the Dawn, and have been meaning to get some of your other books too. And I definitely will, even if I don’t win. I also would love having an extra copy of Behold the Dawn so I can give one to my friend. 🙂
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  13. Storming sounds utterly fascinating. I can’t wait to read it someday!

    Of the prizes, the ones that excite me the most are your books, the gift card, the journal, and chocolate. ^_^

  14. Well now I know what I’m putting on my Christmas list this year!

  15. I love your book “Outline Your Novel”! I have a copy on my shelf and I often talk about it when writer-friends ask about my writing process.

    Hm, which prize first caught my eye? Well, I’ve been eyeing your fiction for a long time…I would be most excited to get a copy of each! 😀 Thanks for doing the giveaway. I review spec fiction on my blog and it would be a pleasure to review yours.


  16. I want this!! The whole prize bundle is irresistible…

  17. Amazon gift cards will always catch my eye, as will interesting-looking books. And Kindles. Kindles are wonderful. Basically the pack as a whole caught my eye.

  18. Oh, gosh, I think I might have accidentally submitted the link for the same tweet twice because it passed midnight and it said I only had one entry (and I was supposed to have two because I left a comment). But the entry total is correct now, so maybe I didn’t…?

  19. I like the prize of the $25 Amazon Gift Card the most of all of the great and lovely package.

  20. Crimson Knight says

    Amazing giveaway! Thanks for the awesome opportunity. ? Can’t wait to read.

  21. Well, I left a comment but for some reason it didn’t come up!
    Anyways, what I tried to say was that the 4 signed copies of your books first caught my eye. 🙂
    Congratulations to whoever won!

  22. Congratulations on the release of TWO novels! I am glad for you and know you are excited. Wayfarer sounds really interesting, and I plan to buy it. I am close, so close to the final rendition/revision of my novel, Caden’s Crime. Thanks for your guidance and all the sharing you give us about writing.

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