Sell More Books Webinar Replay Now Available!

Sell More Books Webinar Replay Now Available!

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend the free Sell More Books webinar with Bryan Cohen yesterday!

I hope you guys got as much out of Bryan’s awesome tips as I did. Copywriting–or learning how to write effective sales copy–is something I’ve really been focusing on this year, and I came away with all kinds of new ideas. My personal highlight was learning his system for automated emails.

If you weren’t able to join us yesterday for the live event, no worries. The webinar replay will be available for a limited time. Just click below.


During the session, Bryan offered access to his advanced training course, Selling for Authors. Inside, he’s teaching comprehensive step-by-step lessons on every aspect of author copywriting, from book descriptions to Facebook ads and everything in between.

I’ve been through the program myself (and used it for, among other things, crafting the sales copy for my recent book 5 Secrets of Story Structure), and I think Bryan is really doing something different with this. His course isn’t full of technological tricks that could go away within the next month or two. It’s a craft course on copywriting. Accurately applying its lessons may net you more book sales for all of your future books.

For more info on Bryan’s awesome Selling for Authors course, click here.

Tell me your opinion: Did you enjoy the free Sell More Books webinar? Would you like to see more events like this? Tell me in the comments!

Sell More Books Webinar Replay Now Available!

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting this, Ms. Weiland. I learned so much and am excited to put it into practice for my back cover copy and so forth.

    I, personally, would enjoy seeing more webinars. I’ve just found your YouTube videos, and it’s a real treat. Your advice is always spot-on and has immediate take-away value. I just love that. Thank you.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Thank you, Samantha! I’m so glad you enjoyed the webinar. I got a ton out of it myself. I host a webinar every now and then. Have another one planned for mid-summer, so stay tuned!

  2. Katie,

    Yesterday was beyond awesome. It gave me hope to boost sales.

    I can’t express my appreciation enough to the two of you. You and Bryan are very generous giving out that information.

    Thank you, both.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      That’s excellent to hear, Jim! I’m so glad you enjoyed the webinar. All the best as you move forward with your writing career!

  3. Thanks a lot to you and Bryan for hosting the webinar! I’m looking forward to putting a lot of it into practice further down the track.

    However, since I came across the replay from your website, I wasn’t on the Selling For Authors mailing list. Is there still some way I can still get a copy of the PDF or recording to return to once I’m ready to publish?

    Thank you both!

  4. Jennifer Yaros says

    I wasn’t able to attend the webinar but just finished watching the recorded version. I was skeptical because I’ve watch a ton of recordings promising to help me sell more book but they are just teasers to get me to buy thier training. This webinar was different. It was excellent! It provided me with action items that I can apply immediately.

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