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7 Essentials for Your Book Launch

Congratulations, it’s a book! You accomplished something rare and impressive just by completing your masterpiece, not to mention surviving blood-boiling revisions and the agony of the publishing process. Now, the book launch date has been set and—surprise!—you have more work to do! Orchestrating a book launch sounds daunting, but people need your book. Take a long […]

Sell More Books Webinar Replay Now Available!

Sell More Books Webinar Replay Now Available!

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend the free Sell More Books webinar with Bryan Cohen yesterday! I hope you guys got as much out of Bryan’s awesome tips as I did. Copywriting–or learning how to write effective sales copy–is something I’ve really been focusing on this year, and I came away with all kinds […]

When a Literary Agent Says Yes: Evaluating an Offer (or Offers!) of Representation

When a Literary Agent Says Yes: Evaluating an Offer (or Offers!) of Representation

Because literary agents have connections to the top editors of the world, writers can believe that getting an agent is the key domino to fall on their path to a successful writing career—so they may sign with the first agent who says yes. But that’s not necessarily the wisest move. The relationship needs to be […]

Need a Professional Book Cover? My Recommendation Is Damonza

Who does your book covers? I get asked that question a lot. With the ever-increasing influx of independent publishing opportunities, producing a high-quality, affordable, and professional book cover is a must. Book cover design is an art unto itself, and one that is integral to any author’s marketing efforts. Unless you happen to be an expert […]

How to Pitch Your Novel What's the Difference Between Your Story's Hook and Your Story's Heart

How to Pitch Your Novel: What’s the Difference Between Your Story’s Hook and Your Story’s Heart?

Quick! You’ve got less than a minute to convince me your story is worth my time. What do you tell me? You’ve got to pique my curiosity with mystery and potential, while still conveying the bulk of the plot, theme, and general tone. No problem! you say. But when you sit down to actually figure […]

How to Choose a Book Title That's Perfect for Your Story AND Good Marketing!

How to Choose a Book Title That’s Perfect for Your Story AND Good Marketing!

Like every author on the planet, I’ve spent endless hours mulling over creating the perfect book title for my work. One strives, of course, to be both memorable and honestly descriptive of the content. There are also marketing aspects to be considered. The marquee value cannot be neglected since the book, especially fiction, must compete […]

3 Crazy Important Reasons You Are the Most Selling Point for Marketing Your Book

3 Reasons YOU Are the Most Important Selling Point for Marketing Your Book

There has never been a civilization that didn’t use language and tell stories in some form or another.  Stories are primordial. We all want to know our lives have meaning, and connecting through stories accomplishes that. As a writer, you invest significant emotional energy in writing your book. You should take no less effort in marketing […]

Should Authors Like You Be Using Crowdfunding

Is Crowdfunding for Authors a Good Idea?

If it works for peanut butter and potato salad, does that mean it will work for writers and books? Crowdfunding is all the rage at the moment. You can’t open your email or sign in to Facebook without getting a (rather pushy) request from some far-distant acquaintance asking for contributions to a passion project or […]

Why Authors Need to Talk to Their Readers

Why Authors Need to Talk to Their Readers

Sooner or later, authors need to talk to their readers. An author’s success in our digital age depends on two kinds of writing:  first, writing your high-quality book, and second, writing content to motivate readers to press the “Buy” button. How do authors balance these  two kinds of writing to create success? Successful authors can no […]

are five star book reviews bad for sales

Are 5-Star Book Reviews Bad for Sales?

5-star book reviews have become a bane. They are everywhere you look. And it’s understandable—in this age of indie- and self-publishing and platform-building, what better way of garnering attention (and hopefully sales) than the come-hither testament of a glowing 5-star review?  Everyone and his uncle seem to have written the next Great American Novel. Perhaps […]