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The time has finally come when I can officially announce the release date for my upcoming fantasy novel Dreamlander. December 2, 2012, is the big day! I’ll be spending all of this month celebrating, with a special series of blog posts, on Sundays and Wednesdays, focusing on what I learned while writing this book, and some plain ol’ fun posts on Fridays. And, of course, it will all culminate in a Grand Prize Drawing on launch day.

I had so many fun ideas for prizes that I couldn’t pick between them. So I decided to let you choose!

Please take a minute to vote on which of the following three prizes you’d like to see offered in the Dreamlander Launch Party Prize Drawing:

Prize A: A 17th-century Italian rapier (much like the one Chris uses in the book). Value: $245


Prize B: A Kindle Fire. Value: $199

Prize C: Deluxe Fantasy Gift Box. Value: $165


• Black Velvet Renaissance Cloak
• Calligraphy Pen Set (includes quill pen with calligraphy nib, 5 extra calligraphy nibs, and ink pot with 15 ml black ink)
• Dragon Bookmark
Anatomy of the Castle Coffee Table Book by John Gibson
• Sword Pendant Necklace (the sword actually comes out of the sheath!)
• Delusional Unicorn Magnet
• Truffettes de France All Natural French Truffles Dusted with Cocoa Powder (2.2 lbs)

Vote Here

And be sure to check back all this month to join the pre-launch fun!

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  1. I got a grin out of how perfectly your avatar matches your comment!

  2. Although it’s a different one on the book’s cover, there is a sword, so I voted for that.

  3. Yes, it’s not the same one used by the cover model. The one in the prize package is actually closer to how I envisioned some of the swords in the book.

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