If You Know Your Character's Goal, You Can Rivet Your Readers' Attention

If You Know Your Character’s Goal, You Can Rivet Your Readers’ Attention

Today, I’m posting over on AuthorCulture, with the post “Do You Know What Your Character’s Goal Is?” Here’s an excerpt:

Without question, the driving force of fiction is conflict, and the only way to create conflict is to create a character who wants something he can’t immediately have. This takes many different forms, everything from a bereaved father who wants vengeance, an orphan who wants a family, or a crook who wants to rob a bank. But the key factor in all good stories is knowing your character’s goal.

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If You Know Your Character's Goal, You Can Rivet Your Readers' Attention

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  1. I love your books and my favorite is Creating Character Arcs. You have caused me to write like a mad woman! Your guidance towards digging deeply into characters causes me to stop every few pages and write for an hour or so. Thanks to you I have developed some very complex characters and my story is turning and twisting like I never imagined. Thank you a hundred times over!

  2. Mic Meguiar says

    It seems all your posts on the AuthorCulture site only allows access to “invited readers.” Hope you don’t mind me asking for your assistance to access them!

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