For All My German Readers! Announcing Outlining Your Novel in German

For All My German Readers! Announcing Outlining Your Novel in German

Tired of reading boring ol’ English? Would you rather read about outlining your novel in German? Well, then today’s the day! I’m excited to announce the German translation (thanks to Nicola Bock!) of my book Outlining Your Novel, now available on all major digital platforms.

German Outlining Your NovelIf you’re a German speaker who would prefer to read the book in your native language, you can purchase the book from the following sites:

German Amazon

American Amazon (affiliate link)

Barnes & Noble




It never ceases to amaze me how the Internet has made international communication a commonality of daily life. As I struggle along with learning French, I’m even more amazed that so many non-Americans fluently speak and write English as a second language. I receive emails all the time from people apologizing for their English because it’s not their first language, when really, I never would have guessed if they hadn’t told me!

But, of course, there are many who prefer to read in their native language. If your German and that’s you–then this is just for you! If you enjoy the book, reviews for the German version would be awesome!

About the Book

Lassen Sie sich von Gliederungen helfen, eine bessere Geschichte zu schreiben!

Autoren betrachten Gliederungen oft mit Angst und Ehrfurcht. Aber wenn man sie wirklich versteht und richtig handhabt, ist die Gliederung eine der mächtigsten Waffen im Arsenal eines Autors.

Wie man einen Roman plant: Gliedern Sie Ihre Schritte zum Erfolg wird

Ihnen helfen, die für Sie richtige Art Gliederung zu wählen Ihnen bei der Ideenfindung helfen Ihnen helfen, Ihre Figuren zu entdecken Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie Ihre Szenen strukturieren Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie Ihre fertige Gliederung formatieren Ihnen erklären, wie Sie Ihre Gliederung anwenden Ihnen die Vorteile nahe bringen Irrtümer beseitigen.Selbst wenn Sie überzeugt davon sind, dass Gliederungen nichts für Sie sind, dieses Buch bietet auch diverse wichtige Tipps zu Plot, Struktur und Figuren. Außerdem beinhaltet es Exklusivinterviews mit Larry Brooks, Elizabeth Spann Craig, Lisa Grace, Dan L. Hays, Jody Hedlund, Carolyn Kaufman, Becky Levine, Roz Morris, John Robinson und Aggie Villanueva, die die folgenden Fragen beantworten:

Wie gehen Sie bei Ihrer Buchplanung vor? Was ist der größte Vorteil des Planens? Was sind die größten Fallstricke beim Planen? Würden Sie in einigen Situationen einfach „drauflosschreiben” und in anderen planen? Was ist der entscheidende Faktor für erfolgreiches Planen?Lassen Sie sich von Gliederungen helfen, eine bessere Geschichte zu schreiben!


For All My German Readers! Announcing Outlining Your Novel in German

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  1. As a German, I say thank you! I am amazed, though, that the book is translated to German first and not to a language which might be more widespread – as Spanish, for example.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Actually, Korean and Japanese were its first translated languages. It was picked up by publishers in both those countries. I decided to give German a try first on my own, since it sounds like a very robust book market. If all goes well, Spanish will be next.

      • Could you tell us about the process of translating yourself and not through a publisher?

        • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

          I used This German translation is the first I’ve done without a foreign-rights agent or publisher, and it’s really a bit of an experiment. I’m holding onto the other foreign rights until I see how this one does. The book has done really well in South Korea and Japan, so I’d rather keep the rights free for more opportunities like that–unless, of course, it sells like hotcakes in Germany!

  2. thanks for the german book- i love your writing so much- and hope that the workbook possible comes to in german language.And maybe storming 🙂 so happy writing
    greets from germany

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Thanks, Sarah! I hope you enjoy the book. If it end up doing well enough in German, I’ll definitely be translating the others. So spread the word! 😉


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