Behold the Dawn Trailer

As those of you who follow me on Twitter or listen to my podcast probably already know, Iโ€™ve been busy this week supervising the production of ย the ย trailer for my upcoming historical novel Behold the Dawn. Today, Iโ€™m very pleased to share the Behold the Dawn trailer!

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K.M. Weiland is the award-winning and internationally-published author of the acclaimed writing guides Outlining Your Novel, Structuring Your Novel, and Creating Character Arcs. A native of western Nebraska, she writes historical and fantasy novels and mentors authors on her award-winning website Helping Writers Become Authors.


  1. Okay, I just have to say:


    That gave me chills, Katie! Terrific job! Kudos to you and the production folks! You’ve set the bar high for those of us to follow! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m going to post this on my FB status for others to come see, and may do a little plug for it on my blog, too–if it’s okay. PM me later if it is or isn’t!

  2. It looks GREAT! Full of excitement and romance. I can’t wait till October! Ma! you have the best of luck with it!

  3. Katie! Seriously!!! That was awesome. I got chills too. The music and timing were spot on. Now PLEASE make a “making of” video. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Thanks so much, ladies! I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out myself. Many thanks to my fantastic video editor brother for making it all come together much more wonderfully than anything I could possibly have done on my own.

    As for that “making of” video that would probably be pretty much of a let down, since it would mostly feature my brother and I sitting around his computer slurping coffee and arguing about timing. :p

  5. Oh, wow. That was just magnificent! That had to be the best trailer I’ve seen to date, bar none! You did a remarkable job.

    Yowzah, Gal! That’s terrific!!!

  6. Thanks, Linda!

  7. I am speechless, and for a writer that is saying something! This is absolutely the best book trailer that I have ever seen. I am anxiously awaiting the book.

  8. Thanks so much! I’m still very excited about it myself!

  9. Katie your work is absolutely awesome! There must be a screenplay within the pages of this your latest book. The trailer is wonderful.

  10. M.J. Soctt says

    Wow! Excellently done, Tarin! Did you do this yourself? Fantastic trailer.

  11. @Maria: Thank you so much! Don’t know about the screenplay, but I’m plenty pleased with just the trailer for now!

    @Scott: Nope, my video editor brother helped me with all the tech stuff. I would have been lost without him!

  12. Wow! Wow! Wow! My heart is pounding in my chest! The trailer is absolutely wonderful with perfect music and perfect timing. I can hardly wait for the book! How do I obtain a copy?

  13. I’m sure everyone is wondering, “Do you hire your brother out?”

    It was magnificent, Katie, and here’s why (I like specifics; I’m non-fiction, remember?): 1. it was fast paced, 2. still short enough to keep my attention, 3. set the stage for what should prove to be a suspenseful novel. The photos went well with the music, and the fact that it was short added to the pace.

    Downside? Only 1. The red text lettering was not easy to read the first time around. For instance, “KNIGHT” was unreadable at first watch, as was “MONK”. “BISHOP” was good and clear, I believe because of the absence of the overly curved “M” & “N” especially on the other two. After restarting it half way through I figured it out, but until then the mystery was the red words, not the story summary. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe others handled that better than me. It’s a distinct possibility. If so, please ignore my remarks on it.

    Otherwise, again, excellent!

  14. @Mirah: You can pre-order copies here.

    @Maggie: Thanks for the thoughts! I was a little worried about the text. Hopefully, it won’t be too big a problem for others!

  15. Annie Lynn says

    All I can say is, WOW! I am so impressed – makes me wish that October would hurry up so I can get a copy of “Behold the Dawn”. I’m really looking forward to your book coming out, again great job on the trailer. ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to October too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Nobody can say you’re not a serious writer. I applaud you for using every tool available to promote your upcoming book. You’re not just wishing, you’re doing.
    Congratulations on an awesome job with the trailer.

  18. Promotion is a whole new adventure for me! And I have to say I’m loving it! Thanks, Shaddy!

  19. Awesome book trailers!!

    I also left you an award over on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. One of the best trailers I have been privileged to see.

  21. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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