25 Under $25 Christmas Gifts for Writers

25 “Under $25” Christmas Gifts for Writers

With Christmas right around the corner, most of us are making our lists and checking them twice. Writers are generally pretty easy folks to buy for. Give us a book by our favorite author or an Amazon gift card and we’re pretty much ready to dub the giver our favorite Christmas elf. But, just in case you’re out of ideas for the fellow writer on your list—or in case you’ve got a few extra request blanks left on your own letter to Santa—following are 25 ideas, all priced at $25 or less, for Christmas gifts for writers. Some are items I use and love; others are things I wouldn’t be disappointed to find in my own stocking (are you listening, Santa?).

Just for Fun Christmas Gifts for Writers

1. Writing-Themed Art: Gorgeous writing-themed photos and art prints can dress up any writing space.

2. Quill Pen Set: Get in touch with your inner Austen with an old-fashioned quill pen. Use it scratch away writer’s block or just to practice your best calligraphy.

3. Writer’s Mug: What’s a writer without his coffee? Give your favorite writer a mug worth pouring into. Writing Aid Books

4. Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary by Marc McCutcheon (affiliate link): Know what you want to describe, but don’t know where to start? Use this themed dictionary to find appropriate descriptors and terms for everything from childbirth to castles.

5. Word and Phrase Origins by Robert Hendrickson (affiliate link): When you’re writing historical fiction, you need to be able to avoid anachronisms by discovering when words were coined and what their backgrounds are. This book is just the ticket.

Character Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn Kenyon

6. Character Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn Kenyon (affiliate link): Aside from being a great flip-through manual for randomly picking character names, this book also allows authors to choose names by ethnic background, allowing you to pick the perfect name for your character.

Computer and Desk Management Tool Christmas Gifts for Writers

7. Cable Management Box (affiliate link): Keep that mess of cords under your desk in order by plugging them into this 4-socket surge protector and neatly enclosing them out of sight.

8. Cooling Rack (affiliate link): A cookie cooling rack works perfectly for lifting laptops to eye level and, more importantly, giving them the circulation they need to keep from overheating.

9. Desk Drawer Organizer (affiliate link): Keep pencils, paper clips, and rubber bands in order with a simple and sturdy desk drawer organizer. Or spice things up with a little color, with this version.

10. Book Box (affiliate link): Aside from looking like a writer’s favorite thing—a beautiful leatherbound book—these clever boxes make for great storage (mine holds my secret stash of chocolate—ssh!).

Reading Aid Christmas Gifts for Writers

11. Magazine Rack (affiliate link): File your Writer’s Digest and The Writer subscriptions in style.

12. Bookends (affiliate link): Every writer needs a whimsical and useful set of bookends for his desk or bookcase. This model serves double duty by offering extra storage and organizational features.

13. Hands-Off Reading Light (affiliate link): A little extra light can be just what the doctor ordered to keep from ruining your eyes reading at night. This hands-off version gives you the light without forcing you to clip it to your book.

14. Bookmark: Bookmarks make great stocking stuffers for writers and readers, since we can never have enough. This steampunk-themed bookmark is great for the spec-fic reader on your list.

15. Kindle Cover (affiliate link): If the reader on your list has gone digital, help him protect his investment with a Kindle cover. My personal favorite is this one from Dura Gadget, since it offers protection, accessibility, and a built-in stand.

16. Floating Bookshelf (affiliate link): Shelf space runs out quickly for avid readers. This nifty floating shelf isn’t just super cool, but also a space saver.

Write-in-Comfort Christmas Gifts for Writers

17. Lap Desk(affiliate link): For the writer on the go, a lap desk allows him to write comfortably from any chair anywhere.

18. Typing Gloves (affiliate link): If you’re like me, your fingers turn to ice when typing for extended periods of time. Fingerless gloves allow you the tactile flexibility to interact with touch screens and pages, while staving off Jack Frost.

19. Novelist-at-Work Sign (affiliate link): Warn friends and family members that you’re hard at work imagining your next scene so they don’t run afoul of your flamethrower and machete!

20. Notecards (affiliate link): Declare your writing infatuation every time you write a letter with these beautiful handmade notecard sets.

21. Leather Journal (affiliate link): A classy leather journal is the go-to gift for writers when you don’t know what else to get. This one, especially if accompanied by a beautiful pen, is sure to please.  (

22. Seat Cushion (affiliate link): When writers apply the fundamental “butt-in-chair” rule, their posterior exteriors can end up taking the brunt of the daily damage. If you don’t have a padded chair, take matters into your own hands and pad it yourself.

23. Team Writer T-Shirt: Let your favorite writer proclaim his team affiliation with these nifty “author jerseys.

Writing Necklace Christmas Gift for Writers

24. Necklace: Lady writers are sure to love these funky writing-themed charm necklaces. Lots to choose from!

Pen Nib Earrings


25. Pen Nib Earrings: Vintage-style pen nibs, personally inscribed, are perfect for any writer, but particularly those with a historical or steampunk bent.

Happy shopping and merry Christmas, everyone!

Wordplayers, tell me your opinions! What’s at the top of your writing Christmas list this year? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I find #19 amusing. I had seen a classmate wear a similar shirt along the same lines.

  2. It’s the writer’s best threat! 😉

  3. I bought a laptop for myself as a Christmas gift. Number 4 sounds like something I’d like to add to my library—I’ll have to look for it. I once saw a tote bag similar to #19 that said, “If you’re mean to me, I’ll put you in my novel and kill you.” I didn’t buy it, but I thought it was funny. 🙂

  4. Descriptionary was actually a Christmas gift to me several years ago. I’d kind of forgotten I had it, until I started rearranging stuff during the remodel. It really is a great reference tool.

  5. I have used my Pampered Chef cooling rack for my laptop–it works great and is a wonderful suggestion! Nice list. Thanks 🙂

  6. That cooling rack has been a great gizmo. Really saves your laptop.

  7. This is a great list! Thank you for compiling it!

  8. Great list. I’m having fun looking through all the links and getting some great ideas for christmas. Thanks.

  9. @Brianna: Glad you enjoyed it!

    @Robin: It was a fun list to put together. I’m glad you’re enjoying looking through it!

  10. Love this! Pointing That Man this way for ideas 🙂

  11. Hopefully, “That Man” has a big jolly stomach and a long white beard. 😉

  12. Great list, Katie! Gotta put #4 on my list. I’ve had and use a lap desk for ages. I love it! Thanks for the goodie list!

  13. I tend to like writing at my desk best, so I don’t use the lapdesk too often. But, for those who do, a lapdesk is essential – not just because the laptop heats up so fast, but because it’s not healthy to have on your lap for long periods of time.

  14. Instantly classic! Thanks for the ideas for both my own list and my buddies.

  15. Glad to be Santa’s little helper today. 🙂

  16. Hey, great list! I like 10. Book Box and 16. Floating Bookshelf. I recently blogged about Christmas Gifts for Writers too (although some of mine are sort of expensive). 🙂

  17. I need the one thing you can’t buy: time! But I’ll take a gift card for a local coffee shop. Somehow coffee shops always make me want to write!

    Thanks for including my earrings in your list!

  18. @Write21: Nice list! I especially agree about chocolate being the perfect gift for a writer. 😉

    @Michelle: My pleasure! I wouldn’t mind a set of your earrings under my tree this year myself!

  19. I love these ideas – especially the floating shelf. Where on earth did you find them all? Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to save this post. 😉

  20. Almost all of these items are things I’ve either collected over the years or have bookmarked because I’d *like* to collect them!

  21. I love those book boxes! 🙂

  22. Someone gave me that for my birthday this year. They’re just gorgeous – and handy too.

  23. I love the floating bookshelves. My girls and I have way too many books for our bookcases.

  24. Same here! Too many books, too little space.

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