Is Crowd-Sourced Editing the Future of Self-Publishing?

Crowdsourced Editing: The Future of Self-Publishing?

Sites like Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and other “crowd-funding” platforms have been all the rage lately. Without ever leaving your home, you can tap into your networks of friends, family, and followers, and raise startup capital for things like your fantasy board game idea, a local food truck, and even an initial print run of your fan-fiction […]

Creating Two-Word Characters

When I posted here back in April (about writing a novel in two sentences), it got a great response. I wanted to follow that up with another post in the same vein, this time about creating “two-word” characters. Originally introduced to me through the great Dwight Swain, this is a wonderful method for drafting initial […]

How to Write a Novel in Two Sentences

All right, fine—you’ll need more than two sentences, most likely. But the title of this post does actually have some merit, as I am in the process of finishing my second novel using an approach I like to call “The Two Sentence Method.” There are already some spectacular methods out there for plotting and planning […]