elephant in the room are you ignoring your story revision instincts

The Elephant in the Room: Are You Ignoring Your Story Revision Instincts?

We’ve all had those fluid writing moments in which everything just seems to pour onto the paper with grace. The words come from a place you can’t always call upon. In the moment, everything seems eternally beautiful and poetic, and you fear someone will walk through the door and shatter your fragile thoughts. Sometimes, we […]

When Chaos Creates Writer's Block - Is Your Life More Hectic Than It Needs to Be?

When Chaos Creates Writer’s Block—Is Your Life More Hectic Than It Needs to Be?

Note: The winners of Chrystle Fiedler’s book A Scent to Kill are Alicia Rades and E.M. Bahnsen. Congrats! Organization may be difficult for the naturally creative person. Often, when we’re swept up in our latest creation, everything else falls to the wayside. Time spent cleaning is clearly not time spent writing. And if you have little kids […]

Recognizing Lazy Writing Habits

Recognizing Lazy Writing Habits

You’ve already laid the foundation for your story and given birth to intriguing characters. Some are people you knew needed to be in the novel from the beginning and some are strangers who unexpectedly appeared in Chapter Four and never seemed to leave. No matter how they were created, you need to make sure they […]