Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Inciting Event: Dastan captures the dagger.

First Plot Point: The king is murdered and Dastan escapes after being accused.

First Pinch Point: Sheik Amar recognizes Dastan and tries to steal the dagger.

Midpoint: At the king’s funeral, Dastan realizes his uncle Nizam killed the king, and Nizam tries to kill him to gain the dagger.

Second Pinch Point: The Hassasins attack the secret temple and kill Dastan’s brother.

Third Plot Point: Dastan kills himself to show his other brother, the new king, how the dagger works.

Climax: Nizam unleashes the sands of time.

Climactic Moment: Nizam is killed.

Resolution: Dastan proposes to Tameena.

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