Pacific Rim

Inciting Event: Raleigh’s brother is killed and Raleigh has to kill the kaiju and pilot Gipsy to safety solo.

First Plot Point: Marshall Pentecost tracks Raleigh down and recruits him for one last mission.

First Pinch Point: Newt drifts with a kaiju brain and learns the aliens are planning to exterminate humans and take over Earth.

Midpoint: An unprecedented two kaiju arrive together and attack Hong Kong.

Second Pinch Point: A dead kaiju proves to be pregnant, and the baby eats Hannibal Chou.

Third Plot Point: Newt and his partner drift with the fresh kaiju brain and learn that the plan of blowing up the wormhole won’t work unless the bomb is recognized as kaiju DNA.

Climax: Three kaiju, including the first ever Category Five, surface.

Climactic Moment: Gipsy’s nuclear reactor explodes on the alien side of the wormhole.

Resolution: Raleigh’s and his partner’s escape pods surface in the ocean.

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