Unboxing Review: Writer’s Medic Bag From Galen Leather Co.

Two things I love: taking my writing on the go (whether outside or to a coffee shop) and beautiful writing accessories. So I’m excited for this opportunity to review a handcrafted carrying case made just for writers, from the family-run company Galen Leather in Turkey.

The company offered me my choice of products to review—which was a super-hard choice since everything on their site is gorgeous. They handcraft a wide array of leather accessories, everything from notebook covers, pen cases, phone and tablet cases, wallets, mousepads, and more. I was immediately grabbed by their premier product, the clever and lovely Writer’s Medic Bag.

From their site:

The Writer’s Medic Bag is the best bag for writers. Its unique design, inspired from a traditional medic messenger bag, allows you to carry all your writing essentials with you wherever you go. For loyal fans of Galen Leather who have amassed quite the leather collection, you will fall in love with this leather writer’s bag. It’s the perfect way to keep everything together and take them with you on your next adventures. There’s enough room for your leather journals, pens, ink, pen cases, notebooks, brass stationery and more. The Writer’s Medic Bag is available in Crazy Horse Forest Green and Crazy Horse Tan.

Particularly because the product was packaged so beautifully, I wanted to share an unofficial unboxing video (unofficial because I’d already opened it and filled it with my own writing utensils).

A few of my favorite features…

The bag stands upright when both open or shut.

The front area offers small loops to hold pencils and pens, as well as some larger loops to accommodate other items, including one that should be big enough for a small notebook or your phone. (I’m currently using it to hold my ergonomic pen.)

The front flap features a multitude of pouches, including one with a zipper. I’ve used this section to hold my earphones, as well as blank note cards, and sticky notes. This would also be a great place for credit cards or library cards, if you want to consolidate bags when writing in public.

The back pocket is large enough to hold my iPad (or perhaps a small laptop) as well one big notebook or several smaller ones.

There’s also handy place to clip a key chain.

And there’s an optional strap you can attach/remove from the back.

The bag comes elegantly packaged in a sturdy lidded cardboard box, with a protective drawstring bag.

The craftsmanship is wonderful. The leather is butter soft and smells amazing. I can see this lasting me the rest of my life.

Beyond just being lovely and fun, the medic’s bag is perfect for me, since I write longhand quite often, like to be able to take my writing on the go, and deeply appreciate having a tidy place to store everything I need.

The bag gets five stars out five from me, along with my thanks to Galen Leather for giving me the chance to review it and add it to my writing routine!

If you’re interested in the bag or any of the other products from Galen Leather, you can check out their website here.

Wordplayers, tell me your opinions! Do you like to take your writing on the go? What writing tools (notebook, pen, etc.) do you generally take with you? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. cherylrainfield2 says

    I write longhand, too, often take my writing with me, and i love writing accessories, too! So this looks awesome. I love all the slots for pens and a phone, love the extra sections of the bag and that it stays open. I’m wondering about the weight. (I tend to also carry an ebook reader or current book I’m reading, etc.) It’s one strap over the shoulder…would it be ergonomic? It is definitely beautiful.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      The weight would depend upon what you put in it, of course. Personally, I find that a crossbody strap makes it feasible to carry quite a bit of weight in relative comfort.

      • Usvaldo de Leon says

        This is a lovely bag. When I’m running around with writing supplies, they’re chucked into a backpack like a utilitarian heathen. It would be nice to have a gorgeous accoutrement devoted solely to writing.

  2. Dennis Michael Montgomery says

    It all looks very nice, but wouldn’t it be more practical to carry an electronic notebook with a flash drive instead?

    • Dennis . . . Everyone has electronic gadgets with flash drives. Are they butter soft? Do they smell amazing. Do they scream out that the owner is a writer? You want to make a statement with your books. You’ll also want to make a statement with your personal brand. 😉

      • exactly 😀

      • When it comes to writing, I’m a romantic mule lugging around all the things that engage my senses. The feel of leather is rich. The texture of papers sparks imagination. I am voraciously seeking inspiration and sometimes it’s in the flow of that one special pen.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      I write longhand when outlining, so I’m calling this my “outlining kit.” When I’m drafting, I need a computer.

  3. I have purchased from Levenger.com and have been quite satisfied with this company’s outstanding products for writers.

  4. Please say thank you to Galen Leather and support KM.

    The Medic Bag is a particularly nice product for long-hand writers and artists. Obviously Galen Leather wants as many people to see it as possible. I’m pleased they asked KM to consider reaching out to us. It is beneficial for all concerned.

    You never know when these opportunities will arrive nor where they may take you. So, let’s all help KM make the most of it. My suggestion is to write Mr. Yusef Galen, via is contact page, and thank him for using Katie’s web page to show us his offerings. If enough of us reply, it could mean more and better opportunities for KM, like affiliate status, (or who knows?).

    Please give this some consideration. Galen’s contact page is:


  5. Every writer deserves to pamper her/himself with something special once in a while, and this looks perfect — an artist’s delight. My laptop case isn’t nearly as luxurious or beautiful, but it works for me — a padded, waterproof nylon bag with a spot inside for my laptop, notebook and pens, plus two outside pockets, one velcroed that holds multiple cords and the always-essential charger, and one zipped that has plenty of room for everything else I choose to take along (MS I might be editing, my Kindle, wallet, keys, etc.). It’s not often that I want to work away from home, but when I do, it carries the essentials. It’s also useful when I travel or am on holiday — everything I need in one efficient package.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      For my laptop, I got a large leather purse at a garage sale. It’s great for when I have to take my computer with me.

  6. James Dobbins says

    I seldom write away from home. When I do it is on y laptop. It saves me the step of transcribing the handwritten text to my computer. Given that, the Galen products are beautiful and if I did more handwritten work I would certainly be tempted to get one of these products.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      I’ve often thought of eliminating the longhand step from my writing–since it would save the time of transcribing my notes. But there’s just something about writing in a notebook that I love and that seems to really tap my creativity in early brainstorming stages.

  7. Looks like a nice bag, though it may not be for me. I’ve had a tremor from birth, so I never hand draft and strongly prefer a full sized keyboard. Regardless, I found the video interesting, and you have a friendly face and make a nice video. My only suggestion in that regard is it might have been helpful earlier to be a little further back from the camera so we could see the package as you opened it if your physical layout supported something like that.

  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! I agree that leather feels and smells amazing. 😀 I do a combination of longhand note-taking and drafting on my ipad-mini with a Bluetooth keyboard. I always end up packing it in another bag when I travel, and I’m not sure I ever pack it the same way twice. Will this fit 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of paper?

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      It’s a little too small for full-size papers.

      • Thanks! My budget is a little small for the bag right now as well, but it is great to see such excellent craftsmanship still available – and I don’t begrudge the price, as they obviously put a lot of love and work into their products. I’ve been enjoying perusing their website! 😀

  9. Just a note. Galen Leather’s premier product is the wooden Writing Box. It’s what put them on the map with fountain pen enthusiasts. The Writer’s Medic Bag is brand-spanking new and just became available to order in the last couple weeks.

    I have an A5 portfolio from them that I utterly adore, in Crazy Horse Brown. It looks like well-loved WW2 bomber jacket, or something Indiana Jones might wear.

  10. Oooh!

    Okay, during story research I found out that myrtle is used in leather tanning, and Turkish leather in particular. It’s supposed to be what makes Turkish (and possibly Russian) leather smell distinctive and interesting, in a good way. I’ve been trying to find out what myrtle-tanned leather smells like for myself, because I want the sensory detail for a story. Alas, myrtle doesn’t exist in my state, and there are no handy leather shops in my area. Would you mind elaborating on the bag’s scent?

    Second, I love this concept! I love the idea of a bag tailored for writers, especially one that looks fit for adventuring. Particularly when I go somewhere without electricity, and am obliged to write longhand anyway. Thanks for sharing this!

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Hah. Only a writer… 😉

      Honestly though, I don’t feel it smells that much different from any other quality leather I’ve smelled. To me, it smells like saddle leather.

      • 🙂 Good to know. I may deploy some creative license, or just wing it. Thanks again for telling us about this. Galen’s site has me revising my wishlist; their wares are so very tempting…

  11. Dennis Strack says

    Wow, KM! That looks like an awesome bag! Unfortunately, it’s probably a little too expensive for my budget.

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      It’s the kind of thing that should last you for the rest of your life, but, yes, I agree it is pricey.

  12. Dennis Michael Montgomery says

    Buttery soft? I’m not into writers digest. I would rather have my words tell the world that i’m a writer than have a signature scent.

  13. Cool concept, but no on this particular product. My love for animals and my dislike against factory farming won’t let me use this. Perhaps this is made from an animal already killed for another purpose, but I couldn’t do it unless I know the animals were humanely raised and humanely killed.

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