8 Tips for Editing

8 Tips for Editing Other Writers’ Work (While Remaining Friends)

Have you ever been asked to edit someone else’s work? Do you need tips for editing without ruining friendships? You’re not alone! If you’re part of a workshop group, or if you have a bunch of writer friends, then you’ll probably find yourself acting as an editor at some point. Perhaps: In a group workshop […]

6 Tips For Organizing Your Novel Editing

6 Tips for How to Organize Your Novel’s Edits

Imagine this: you’ve received a ton of great feedback from your beta readers, critique partners, and/or editors. I mean a ton. You’re ready to dive in and start putting their suggestions to use. But… where do you start? How can you organize your novel’s edits so you can actually make sense of them? One of the reasons […]

Your NaNo Novel Is a Hot Mess How to Edit Your Book

Your NaNo Novel Is a Hot Mess! How to Edit Your Book

Yay, you wrote a book! Now what are you supposed to do with it? Writing a manuscript often feels like a sprint to a finish line–but then you reach that finish line, only to realize it’s really just the beginning! In many ways, completing a first draft is the easy part of the writing (what? no! […]

5 Ways to Endear Yourself to Your Editor

5 Ways to Endear Yourself to Your Book Editor

Here’s the not-so-secret secret about your book editor: he loves books. Sure, sometimes a book editor loves being right, but on the whole he loves reading, working with words, and seeing writers grow into authors. A book editor does what he does because he wants to help authors put their best words forward. But if you’ve never worked with a book […]

Are Your Characters Talking Too Much?

Are Your Characters Talking Too Much?

Dialogue drives both narrative and character development. The key for creative writers is including just enough dialogue to meet those needs and no more. The last thing you want is to have your characters talking too much. Many novelists approach a scene by writing until they feel they have included sufficient dialogue to meet their […]

How to Expertly Edit Your Own Writing

7 Ways to Expertly Edit Your Own Writing

Writing can (and should!) be a creative, uplifting, enjoyable process. However, once the initial writing is complete, the next step is editing your draft. And figuring out how to edit your own writing is usually where the writing process becomes less “fun” and more—let’s be honest—agonizing. How so? Overly critical authors will be convinced their […]

elephant in the room are you ignoring your story revision instincts

The Elephant in the Room: Are You Ignoring Your Story Revision Instincts?

We’ve all had those fluid writing moments in which everything just seems to pour onto the paper with grace. The words come from a place you can’t always call upon. In the moment, everything seems eternally beautiful and poetic, and you fear someone will walk through the door and shatter your fragile thoughts. Sometimes, we […]

7 Tips for Shaping Your Writing Career

7 Tips for Shaping Your Writing Career

Seven tips that have helped shape my writing career—and may help you with yours too! 1. Engaging passion To be an author you must have something to say, a story you believe in, passionately. Nothing less than passionate belief in your subject will carry you through periods of self-doubt and dejection. Once you have decided […]

Is Crowd-Sourced Editing the Future of Self-Publishing?

Crowdsourced Editing: The Future of Self-Publishing?

Sites like Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and other “crowd-funding” platforms have been all the rage lately. Without ever leaving your home, you can tap into your networks of friends, family, and followers, and raise startup capital for things like your fantasy board game idea, a local food truck, and even an initial print run of your fan-fiction […]

An Insanely Simple Trick for Tightening Your Dialogue

An Insanely Simple Trick for Tightening Dialogue

Dialogue is essential in storytelling. It’s what brings characters to life and drives the plot forward. However, it’s important to be mindful of tightening dialogue by cutting out any unnecessary filler that can bog down the conversation. I adore good dialogue. Funny, snappy, insightful, punchy—love it.  It’s also a ton of fun to write (whenever […]