yWriter Video Tutorial

yWriter, a free Spacejock program, is a great word processor for writers. It allows you to see your scenes, chapters, characters, settings—and just about anything else you can think of—all at a glance. (Be sure to use the “Direct Download” link, under the green download button.) Access my free yWriter video tutorial below.

Were You Looking for a Scrivener Tutorial Instead?

Scrivener is the turbo-powered, super-organizational professional alternative to yWriter. It is designed specifically for writers (primarily fiction authors, but it definitely works well for nonfiction as well), which means it thinks like a writer. It anticipates our needs by allowing us to keep multiple files at our fingertips, all in one handy master source file. Even better, it makes it almost effortless to arrange and rearrange scene and chapter order.

Add to that the handy nooks for keeping notes prominent, allowing an at-a-glance “corkboard” for ideas, keywords, superior export abilities, the opportunity to compare different drafts. Honestly, it’s hard for me to think of anything this program doesn’t have (except maybe a way to keep track of the time that’s passed in scenes).

It’s a little too complicated for me to be qualified to offer you tutorial on it, so if you’re a interested in a fantastic course on learning how to use Scrivener to its full potential, I totally recommend Joseph Michael’s Learn Scrivener Fast Course.