Ready for Advanced Story Structure? [Free Download]

Ready for Advanced Story Structure? [Free Download]

If you’ve read all the books on story structure and concluded there has to be more to it than just three acts and a couple of plot points, then you’re absolutely right! It’s time to notch up your writing education from “basic” to “black belt.”

Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding StoryMy book Structuring Your Novel came out a few years ago. They have been some very busy years for me personally–years of learning, writing, thinking, and growing. I could fill a whole new book with the ever-expanding principles I’ve learned about story structure during those years. So guess what?

did fill a book with them!

Introducing the 5 Secrets of Story Structure

5 Secrets of Story StructureIn Structuring Your Novel, I showed you how to use a strong three-act structure to build a story with the greatest possible impact on your readers. Now it’s time to take that knowledge to the next level.

In this supplemental e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Why the Inciting Event isn’t what you’ve always thought it is
  • What your Key Event is and how to stop putting it in the wrong scene
  • How to identify your Pinch Points—and why they can make the middle of your book easier to write
  • How to create the perfect Moment of Truth to move your protagonist from reaction to action
  • How to ace your story’s Climactic Moment every single time
  • And much more!

By the time you’ve finished this quick read, you’ll know more about story structure than the vast majority of aspiring authors will ever know—and you’ll be ready to write an amazing novel that stands above the crowd.

Download Your Free E-Book About Advanced Story Structure

Why am I offering this book free?

A couple of reasons:

1. It’s meant to be a supplement to Structuring Your Novel–an update in place of a second edition, so to speak. I want everyone who’s read Structuring Your Novel to “level up” by reading this book. I’m incredibly excited about the advanced story structure principles in this little book. They answer a lot of questions I frequently receive from readers and correct a couple of opinions I’ve evolved past since writing the original book.

2. It’s a short read–about 60 pages. You should be able to blast through it in a single sitting, and that’s not something I think anyone should pay big bucks for.

3. I hope it will introduce new readers to story structure in general and my work in particular.

Check It Out Button

You can also download the free version of 5 Secrets of Story Structure right here on my site.

Here’s to taking the next step in your evolution as a writer!

Wordplayers, tell me your opinion! What’s your most burning question about advanced story structure? Tell me in the comments!

Ready for Advanced Story Structure? [Free Download]

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About K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland

K.M. Weiland is the award-winning and internationally-published author of the acclaimed writing guides Outlining Your Novel, Structuring Your Novel, and Creating Character Arcs. A native of western Nebraska, she writes historical and fantasy novels and mentors authors on her award-winning website Helping Writers Become Authors.


  1. Two things: I did the Amazon thing with Kobo and what would normally be readable examples or downloads online are not readable on Kindle. When I try to click on them, I get the next chapter. Thought you would like to know. I believe there are three of them. I would very much like to be able to read them. Thanks, Roberta Burton

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Thanks so much, Roberta! However, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Could you give me a specific example? Thanks!

  2. Thank you, am in serious need of cool karate skills “From basic to blackbelt“! as I want to lay some serious whoop… hurt on Moriarty (Anthony Horowitz… apologies to anyone who liked it) I’m still fuming over the ‘surprise’ ending. (Even used your search engine to look up ‘betray’ and ‘plot twist/duped’)

    Actually my real need is to learn how not to make the same mistakes… because, if someone as seasoned as he is (enjoy Foyle’s War to no end) can make sloppy mistakes, all the easier for me to make them just starting out.

    • I’ve been kind of railing on Anthony Horowitz, disappointed with the books, especially the ending of the one, feeling betrayed by it. However, I’ve been left to wonder who is ultimately responsible… who has the last word when a book goes to print (author, editor, publisher) You warn authors not to betray the trust of the reader in one post, then talk about duping in another (this time the responsibility is with the director, not the writers).

      Shouldn’t the editor and publisher being looking out for the best interest of the author’s name/reputation and not just churn out pulp? Or is it the difference between the golden goose and cash cow?

      • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

        In the articles you’ve linked to, I’m giving the same creative powers of control to the author and director, respectively–so the same rules apply in both instances.

        Everybody on the team–writer, publisher, etc.–are pulling for the same goal: the best story possible, one which every reader will love. But people get misguided and simply make the wrong choices, not just individually, but en masse as well. It’s inevitable–especially, since there is no such thing as perfect story and even more especially, since art is subjective.

        • True. But, it can also be biased! A doodle by a child is a doodle, but a doodle by Picasso is insightful and revelatory, carrying a price tag worth millions.

          For the team to break down, not just once, but twice shows the need to be diligent at all times and not believe ‘our own press’… because others could.

          Thank you. Appreciate your reply. 🙂

  3. Pinged Amazon. Thank you for your generosity and wealth of knowledge! I’m looking forward to putting this to good use. 🙂

  4. I downloaded your book and did the Amazon thing.

    Thank you so much for your constant generosity toward the rest of us working on this writing thin!

  5. Hi, Thanks for the free sequel to your Structure book, which I own have read and learned from. I look forward to reading this new one. I reported it to Amazon as being free at Kobo. Thanks for doing what you do for us writers.

  6. Thanks so much for this book! I read it in one sitting yesterday, and it helped me so much! I’m almost through Outlining Your Novel, which has been really helpful too, but I was still stuck with what to do in the middle of my story. Going through the points you broke down in 5 Secrets of Story Structure, I was able to figure out what to do!

  7. Mauro Vincenti says

    Thank you very much! After a first reading through ‘outlining’ and ‘structuring’ I am in deep study (highlights, notes, graphs…) of the latter. This will certainly be useful in a few days :)!

    Thanks for all the help.


    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Glad you enjoyed the books, Mauro! I hope the outline proves interesting as well.

      • Mauro Vincenti says

        ‘Outlining’ was very insightful as well, and I will pass it through the same ‘accurate’ studying soon, but ‘structuring’ really speaks to the Engineer in me. I am used to see the underlying structure of any system, I cannot believe I red hundreds of books without recognising the one you so clearly define. Thanks 🙂

  8. Patricia says

    Thank you! I loved your two previous books on structure and plotting, as well as your free copy of character studies. I have a Kobo e-reader, so your new book was free for me. I went to Amazon and filled in the box with the info.
    You are very generous and I have learned a lot by reading your blog. If my novel gets published, I won’t fail to mention you and your blog and recommend your work. Thanks!!!

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Thanks so much, Patricia! Amazon is taking their time switching it to free, so I appreciate the extra bump. I hope you enjoy the book!

  9. Thank you!

    Have worked my way, point by point through all your books and blog posts, and thought I’d finally run out of excuses to stop editing…
    But no, there’s a new book to analyze!
    The quest for perfection continues 🙂

    Filled in the Amazon box with your helpful instructions 😉

    • K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland says

      Hah. Sorry to inflict more excuses on you. 😉 But I hope you find the book useful!

  10. I have to say, I love this little book! Quite a tasty morsel. Or it’s more like a condensed power bar. It’s not a meal replacement bar (those are gross), but it’s a condensed jam packed power bar. My favorite is a triple peanut butter chocolate that I get on occasion. Advanced Story Structure is just like it. I’ve been referring to it to help me ID the structural components of the stories I’ve been reading. Not as easy as I thought it would be, but it’s fun. And we can learn so much by observing the elements as we read. So cool. Particularly enjoyed the breakdown of the dynamic trio: The hook, inciting incident, and the key event as they relate to the plot points of the story. The whole book is great though. I’ve been referring to it a lot. I’ll probably keep it with me at night under my pillow. 😉


  11. Jacquelyn Maynard says

    I have been writing stories since mid high and been kind on and off cause of well,… life. Then a few months ago when i had a virus hit my computer and it hooked onto my story that I had worked most on. There was no way it could be saved. When all seemed lost and depressing my dad found a pre-edited copy I gave him when I started it years ago. Once i started looking at it I was convinced that I was going to become a full fledged writer to share with people what I can create. Then, question has come to the surface of my mind, “Does my writing fall along the guidelines of a successful writer?” “When I finish a whole story that I would like to present, will it grab the attention of a publisher?” I have never reached the point of getting one of my writings published before so when I came across this website while trying to research the answers. I was excited in finding a site that I can use as a reliable reference. So I would like to say, ” Thank you,” for your informative writing and the time you spent completing them.


  1. […] but I’ve been devouring plenty of blogs and downloaded a new e-book by K.M. Weiland on advanced story structure. I’m debating adding another category to my word tracking and implementing some of these […]

  2. […] I made a bunch of chapter folders and added blank pages with the Daily Target Template page which automatically sets the target for 1,667 (what you need to write every day if you don’t have any days off in November to reach 50,000 words at the end). My folders were named with the story structure points on that infographic. I don’t know who made it, but I think I got it off of Wikipedia for three-act structure. There are tons of variants out there by professionals tooHelping Writers Become Authors. […]

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