Professional resources for writers.

Professional Resources for Writers

Writing is no longer a solitary business. We may have to do the writing itself within the cat-shared solitude of our imaginations, but if we hope to offer a professional product to the world, we’re eventually going to need help.I’m frequently asked to recommend editors, proofreaders, and other industry professionals. Today, I’d like to present a list of my go-to resources for writers. Unless noted otherwise, these are all folks with whom I’ve worked personally and whose services I highly recommend. Whether you’re wanting to publish traditionally or independently, chances are these talented people will be able to help you achieve your goals.

Research and Fact-Checking

Chuck Davis: Despite our best efforts to research our novel’s subject matter, sometimes we just need to call in an expert. Chuck offers a wide range of services, including editing and proofreading, and I can personally recommend his research and fact-checking skills.

E-Book Conversion

Bookaholic: Converting your ebook to meet Smashwords’ requirements can be a nightmare. I use this $5-10 gig on Fiverr to get professional results every time. Customer service is fabulous, quality is great, and turnaround time very quick. Highly recommended.

Kindle Tools

Amazon Book Description Generator From KindlepreneurThis is a super spiffy (and free) tool from the awesome Dave Chesson, which allows you to easily and professionally format your book description’s appearance on Amazon.

Book Cover Design

Damonza: Prompt, helpful, and friendly. They offer a portfolio of superb work at extremely reasonable prices and  a fast turnaround. They’re quickly becoming an industry leader among e-book covers, and they have designed all of my recent covers. They’re my go-to for great book covers.

99DesignsThis is an excellent resource that offers all kinds of professional design options, spanning the gamut from book covers to logo designs (which I’ve used with great results) to website design and more. After you commission a design, designers will compete with their best designs to win your purchase. Lots of fun too!

Dominick Finelle: Dominick, via The July Group, creates beautiful cover work, based on his own original photography. You’ll pay a pretty penny for his work, but this is high-end professionalism for one of the most important aspects of your marketing.

DogEared Design: I have yet to work with Kirk DouPonce, but I love his work. He’s a great guy, easy to converse with, and willing to negotiate with independent authors on price.

Canva: If you want to DIY, Canva is a simple, drag-and-drop design site that is free to use (although some of the images and designs will cost you a nominal fee). I use it all the time to create pinnable blog-post images.

Book Trailer Design

Weng the MengI used this Fiverr gig for Storming‘s trailer. Weng does basic but extremely effective and very reasonably priced book trailers. He’s great to work with and goes above and beyond.

Circle of Seven: Book trailers are still finding their stride as both an artform and a successful marketing tool. Circle of Seven offers a number of packages. Their services include writing the script, offering an appropriate music selection (with the option of an upgrade to a larger catalog), and selecting distribution options. They are professional and easy to work with.

Map Creation

Joanna Marie: Joanna did a fabulous job on the maps for Behold the Dawnthe extras in Dreamlander, and the illustrations in Storming. Her work is lovely, extremely reasonably priced, and she’s a joy to work with.

I’ve been extremely happy with my interactions with all of these wonderful people. If you’re in the market for any of the services they provide, be sure to drop by their sites and look around.

Tell me your opinion: What professional resource are you currently hunting for?

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