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The Most Important Rule for Writing – Be True to Yourself

This guest post is by Bryan Thomas Schmidt. If you’re a writer or trying to be, you’re probably already aware that one of the most-covered topics on the Internet is rules for writing. Everybody’s got their favorites. Everybody’s got their necessities. The funny thing is no one’s absolutely right and yet no one’s absolutely wrong. Glad I cleared that […]

Signs Your Story Has Too Many Characters

Characters are what it’s all about. That’s why we read; that’s why we write. And as we’re writing, we’re often bombarded by interesting people who are all clamoring to be a part of our story world. And who are we—humble writers that we are—to deny these characters their chance at a colorful life, right? So […]

A Must-Know Tip for Writing Slam-Bang Finales

The ending of your novel is make or break territory for your readers. If you’ve convinced them to keep reading this far, you need to have something extra special in store for them come the end. If you disappoint readers in your story’s Climax, you risk losing those readers forever. So how can you dazzle […]

Benefits of Outlining Your Novel

Welcome to the last installment in our series of video/audio trailers, offering a sneak peek into the first chapter of Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success. Be sure to sign up for the last of our mini prize giveaways, before next week’s Grand Prize, worth over $400. Leave a comment to register for […]

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The Perils of a Passive Protagonist

The pitfall of a passive protagonist is easier to fall into than writers might sometimes think. Whether your book is a high-speed espionage thriller or a cozy romance, the fuel that makes it run is action. Something is happening to your protagonist—presumably the something of his life (because if not, why tell this story?). And […]