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Would Your Story Benefit From a Distant Narrator?

One of the reasons readers love books is because books allow us to not just observe characters, but to get inside their heads and see how they tick. This is the reason for the modern popularity of what’s known as the “deep,” “tight,” or “close” POV, in which the narrative itself, whether it’s told in […]

The Secrets of Story Structure, Pt. 11: The Resolution

The resolution is always a bittersweet moment. You’ve reached the end of the story. You’ve climbed the mountain, and now you can plant your flag of completion at its peak. But as the finale of all your work, this is also the finale of all the fun you’ve experienced in your wonderful world of made-up people and places. The […]

5 Elements of a Riveting Opening Line

The opening line of your book is your first (and possibly last) opportunity to grab your reader’s attention and give them a reason to read your story. That’s a gargantuan job for a single sentence. But if we break down excellent opening lines, we discover a number of interesting things. One of the most surprising […]

Research: When in Doubt, Make It Up

Research: When in Doubt, Make It Up

Writers have mixed opinions on research. Some love it; some hate it. Either way, you can’t deny its necessity. If you want to present realistic settings and authentic characters, you have no choice but to go digging for answers. But what happens when answers are nowhere to be found? I’m a bit of a research […]