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Story Structure Database Index

On this page, you can find the complete index of titles available in the Story Structure Database, listed in alphabetical order. Quick Links —Books —Movies —Short Stories —Video Games Books About a Boy by Nick Hornby The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton The Ambassadors by […]

For Writers on the Verge of Writing Spectacularly Complex Characters

For Writers on the Verge of Writing Spectacularly Complex Characters

The most ironic thing about complex characters in fiction is that the essence of what makes them so wonderfully complicated is actually incredibly simple. Complex characters are complex for one reason: dichotomy. That one word is the solution to all your character problems. Cliched stereotypes? Fixed. Dysfunctional character arcs? Done. Boring personalities? No more! For all its […]

creating stunning character arcs your character's ghost

Creating Stunning Character Arcs, Pt. 4: Your Character’s Ghost

What is your character’s ghost, and how does it affect his character arc? Once you’ve figured out the Lie Your Character Believes, as well as Thing He Wants and the Thing He Needs, the next question you need to ask yourself is: Why does the character believe the Lie in the first place? To find […]

7 Ways to Decide Which Story Idea You Should Write Next

The most important decision a writer will ever make is which story to write. Sometimes that will be an easy decision: the “right” story will be staring us in the face. But sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. If you’re like me, then you probably have enough story ideas to last you the rest of […]

Why Your Novel May Not Be Historical Fiction After All

This week’s video discusses the fundamental principles of a historical novel. Video Transcript: Today, I want to take a minute away from talking about general fiction techniques and focus on a specific genre—that of historical fiction. This is a hugely popular milieu that’s really more of a setting or a backdrop than it is an actual genre. You can […]

10 Stories With (Brilliant) Loose Ends

The ending of your story is even more important than its beginning. If the beginning flops, readers will set the book aside and never think about it again. But if the ending fails, your book (and you) will live in infamy in the deep, dark dungeon of reader disdain. No pressure, right? Creating the perfect […]

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Writing by Making Your Reader Your Co-Writer

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Writing by Making Your Reader Your Co-Writer

Authors can save themselves a lot of work just by remembering they have a partner in this storytelling game: their readers. Literature, more than any other art form, is a collaboration between writer and reader. The writer provides the building materials—the plot, characters, dialogue, and details—which readers then use to construct a visual and auditory […]

The Kung Fu Panda Guide to Writing Action Scenes

You don’t have to love kung fuuuuuuu to enjoy a good action scene, but you do need to understand the basics of the action scenes scene if you’re going to blind readers from overexposure to your action awesomeness. Fight scenes, chase scenes, and other action extravaganzas appear in stories of every genre, so consider the […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Story With Juxtaposition

4 Questions to Improve Your Stories With Powerful Juxtaposition

An easy way to add depth to a story is to introduce one of the most marvelous techniques known to writers: juxtaposition. Juxtaposition is the art of contrast, the foundation of dichotomy, and the tool of both subtlety and boldness. In using juxtaposition, you are able to take two seemingly incompatible things and combine them […]

11 Dichotomous Characters–and Why You Should Be Copying Them

Fiction writing doesn’t offer many shortcuts or magic formulas. But today I am going to give you a secret ingredient in that coveted recipe for memorable and realistic characters. What is this ingredient? Dichotomy. If we expect our characters to jump off the page into three-dimensional living color, we have to give them multi-faceted personalities. […]