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Commodore Hornblower by C.S. Forester

Commodore Hornblower

Inciting Event: Hornblower assumes command as commodore. First Plot Point: Hornblower rescues a merchantman captured by the French privateer Blanchefleur. First Pinch Point: Hornblower decides to escort the ambassadors to Russia. Midpoint: At a dinner for the czar, Hornblower realizes his interpreter wants to assassinate the czar, and he stifles the attempt. Second Pinch Point: […]

AI Artifical Intelligence Haley Joel Osment Steven Spielburg

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Inciting Event: The decision by Henry and Monica to adopt that child (David). This is what sets the story in motion. First Plot Point: The first plot point, 23 minutes in, is when Monica imprints David. Now David has taken the irreversible step towards becoming human (though arguably it’s not a step he takes himself). […]

Real Steel Hugh Jackman

Real Steel

Inciting Event: Charlie is paid $100,000 to take charge of his son Max for the summer. First Plot Point: After Charlie’s brand new boxing robot is demolished in a fight, Max rescues the old sparring robot Atom from the junkyard. First Pinch Point: Charlie and Max witness the undefeated robot boxer Zeus. Midpoint: Max and […]