X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Inciting Event: Logan leaves Stryker’s team.

First Plot Point: Logan’s brother Victor kills Logan’s girlfriend Kayla.

First Pinch Point: Stryker infuses Logan’s skeleton with adamantium, then tries to erase his memory.

Midpoint: Stryker murders the people Logan was staying with, then tries to kill Logan.

Second Pinch Point: Logan learns Victor is working with Stryker.

Third Plot Point: Logan discovers Kayla was in on the plan and didn’t really die.

Climax: Stryker unleashes Weapon XI on Logan.

Climactic Moment: Logan kills Weapon XI and destroys Stryker’s island.

Resolution: Logan loses his memory when Stryker shoots him in the head with an adamantium bullet. Kayla dies.

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