Wreck-It Ralph

Inciting Event: Ralph crashes the party in the Niceland apartments feeling left out of the festivities. He argues with Gene about their life in the apartment vs. living in the dump. Gene says he could live in the apartment if he won a medal, so Ralph vows to win a medal.

First Plot Point: Ralph fails to show up in the game when the arcade opens. The arcade owner puts an out-of-order sign on the game, so Fix-It Felix must return Ralph to the game before it’s unplugged and hauled away.

First Pinch Point: Vanellope uses Ralph’s medal as the entry fee to get a position in King Candy’s race.

Midpoint: Ralph teams with Vanellope to build a cart and help her learn to drive well enough to win the race so he can get the medal back.

Second Pinch Point: King Candy convinces Ralph that Vanellope is a danger to everyone. Ralph destroys Vanellope’s cart and tells her she’s wrong for wanting to race in the game.

Third Plot Point: Ralph sees Vanellope’s image on the side of the Sugar Rush game and realizes she’s not the villain but the hero of the game and heads back to undo the damage he’s done.

Climax: Ralph battles King Candy/Turbo (who has become a Cy-Bug) on Diet Soda Mountain. Ralph causes the Mentos mountain top to collapse, and as he falls among the Mentos to certain death he clutches the one medal that holds meaning for him: the one made by Vanellope.

Climactic Moment: When the Mentos hit the soda inside the mountain a huge beacon is sent skyward. King Candy/Turbo can’t refuse the Cy-Bug nature to rush toward the beacon. He’s vaporized by the rushing hot soda.

Resolution: Vanellope is revealed to be the main character (a princess) in her game. She takes her place in Sugar Rush, and Ralph returns to his game, satisfied with his place as the bad guy.

(Submitted by Will King.)

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