World War Z

Inciting Event: During a traffic jam, people start frantically sprinting through the street. Gerry flees from the zombie outbreak with his family and they make their way to safety.

First Plot Point: Gerry is informed that he must help a team safely transport a doctor to South Korea to find the origin of the virus, or his family will be kicked off of the ship and sent to a potentially unsafe refuge camp on the mainland.

First Pinch Point: The doctor slip on the plane’s ramp during a zombie attack and dies.

Midpoint: In Jerusalem, zombies are drawn to the noise and music made by the crowd. They are able to mount the wall and begin attacking the people. Gerry sees the zombies completely ignore a boy in the streets, giving him an idea.

Second Pinch Point: Despite Gerry’s cooperation, his family is sent away from the ship, since room is so limited.

Third Plot Point: Gerry reveals his theory that the zombies ignore those with diseases in favor of a healthy host to the doctors in the medical facility. He suggests they inject themselves with dangerous, but curable diseases.

Climax: Gerry, Segen, and a scientists enter wing B, filled with eighty zombies, formerly scientists, in search for the vault with pathogens.

Climactic Moment: Gerry is cornered by a lone zombie in the vault and injects himself with a disease after a harrowing escape from the zombie mob roaming wing B.

Resolution: Gerry is reunited with his family and injections of diseases and their cures are distributed throughout the world, enabling people to fight back.

(Submitted by Elizabeth Newsome.)

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