Movie: Directed by Damien Chazelle.

Inciting Event: Andrew is put into the top-dog jazz band. But he realizes that Fletcher will do anything to get the best from his students, but is a back-up drummer.

First Plot Point: Andrew breaks up with his girlfriend because of his passion to be the best jazz drummer ever.

First Pinch Point: Andrew is informed that a drummer Fletcher had committed suicide from stress.

Midpoint: Andrew makes up for the lead drummer after he lost his folder. Andrew plays the piece by heart

Second Pinch Point: Andrew gets in a car accident and is fired from the jazz band

Third Plot Point: Andrew keeps practicing even harder and finds Fletcher in a club and is offered a place in a jazz band Fletcher is conducting, because Fletcher was fired from the jazz school.

Climax: Fletcher (in front of a live crowd) announces the jazz band will be playing a piece Andrew never practiced. Andrew does horribly, and takes a short break. But Andrew fights back with a great drum solo.

Climactic Moment: Andrew plays an amazing drum solo, shocking Fletcher who then goes along with the idea.

Resolution: Fletcher is very impressed. Andrew and Fletcher share a smile. Piece ends

Comments: If you are watching Whiplash, you can debate that the Climax, Climatic Moment and the Resolution could be almost the same.

(Submitted by Zachary Chong.)

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