Tron: Legacy

Inciting Event: Sam learns that his father’s disconnected office number called a pager.

First Plot Point: Sam is transported into the computerized world of the Grid.

First Pinch Point: Sam is forced to compete against CLU in an unfair lightcycle race to the death. He is rescued by Quorra.

Midpoint: Sam leaves his father’s home and goes to the End of Line Club in a bid to get back to the portal and save Quorra and his father.

Second Pinch Point: Quorra is injured rescuing Sam, and Sam’s father’s disc—the key to the portal—is stolen.

Third Plot Point: Quorra is captured.

Climax: CLU confronts Sam’s father at the portal.

Climactic Moment: Sam’s father sacrifices himself so Sam and Quorra can escape through the portal.

Resolution: Sam decides to take back his father’s company. He shows Quorra the sunrise.

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