Inciting Event: Rose and Jack board and the ship leaves port.

First Plot Point: Jack and Rose meet when Rose contemplates suicide and Jack saves her.

First Pinch Point: Rose’s mother reminds her of what’s at stake if she endangers her engagement to Cal. The captain receives a warning about icebergs, but still decides to increase the ship’s speed.

Midpoint: Rose makes the decision to go with Jack when they land. Titanic collides with the iceberg.

Second Pinch Point: Water begins seeping into the room where Jack is imprisoned.

Third Plot Point: The ship’s bow goes completely under and the sinking begins in earnest.

Climax: The ship completely sinks and Rose and Jack are stranded in the freezing water.

Climactic Moment: Rose realizes Jack is dead and fulfills her promise to him by fighting to get to the whistle and be rescued.

Resolution: Rose dies as an old woman, after a life well lived,

Notes: The Second Pinch Point is a bit difficult to pinpoint here, since the entire second half is pretty “pinchy,” but I settled on what I did since it’s a clear and personal threat against one of the main characters and not just the ship in general.

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