Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

Movie: Directed by Steve Loter.

Inciting Event: Going against her promise to be a “model citizen,” Fawn goes into a mysterious cave and sees an injured beast-like creature. As she attempts to take the thorn out of its paw, the creature blows her out of its cave by a loud roar, catching the attention of scout fairy Nyx. Fawn leaves but is determined to help the injured beast.

First Plot Point: Fawn finds the creature again and takes the thorn out of its paw. Instead of going on her way and leaving it alone, she follows it, observing how it’s like other creatures and wondering what it’s doing with the towers it’s building each season. After many failed attempts to document discoveries, she befriends it and dub it “Gruff,” offering to help and making a game out of his tower-building task.

First Pinch Point: After a rather reckless move indirectly caused by Fawn, Nyx and the other scout fairies spot Gruff and chase after him. Fawn tries to get him to run away and hide. After escaping the scout fairies, Fawn decides it’s time to make “proper introductions.” Meanwhile, Nyx decides to find information on the monster and heads to the library.

Midpoint: Fawn brings her friends to meet Gruff to ensure he is safe. She plans on doing the same with the queen. but as she’s about to tell her, Nyx shows up and explains Gruff is a monster that comes roughly every 1,000 years to summon a storm destroy Pixie Hollow. Fawn doesn’t believe Gruff is dangerous and continues to protect him. She tries to prove that what he is doing is harmless while Nyx continues to search for him.

Second Pinch Point: Before Fawn can relocate Gruff, he disappears to build the final towers, becoming the monster Nyx predicted. Fawn and the other fairies search for him. Tinker Bell finds him and is knocked out. Fawn finds her and is horrified Gruff would do that.

Third Plot Point: Fawn reluctantly helps Nyx capture Gruff. Gruff becomes weak from the capture and the storm brews. Tinker Bell wakes up and explains that Gruff saved her from a tree branch that would have crushed her. Fawn realizes Gruff isn’t trying to destroy Pixie Hollow but to save it. She sets out to free him.

Climax: Fawn uses her glow to guide Gruff through Pixie Hollow so he can collect the lightning from the towers and save everyone. As they get to the last tower, Nyx destroys it, preventing Gruff from his task. When Nyx realizes Gruff was saving Pixie Hollow, she helps the other fairies get to safety as Fawn tries to figure out a different way to “save the day.”

Climactic Moment: With the encouragement of Fawn, Gruff stops the storm and saves Pixie Hollow. The two of them fall to earth. The other fairies catching them and find Fawn dead. Gruff touches her, passing electricity through her, and she comes back to life. The rest of the fairies celebrate.

Resolution: Gruff helps the fairies rebuild Pixie Hollow, and the fairies are happy to have him. As they plan what to do next with Gruff, Fawn explains sadly that Gruff has to hibernate for another 1,000 years, which means they may never see him again. The fairies give him a going-to-sleep ceremony, in which they say thank you and goodbye. The movie ends with Fawn giving a heartfelt speech and Gruff falling asleep.

Comments: This is the best Tinker Bell movie made, even thought it was more focused on Fawn than Tink. A fun, touching movie with a bittersweet ending.

(Submitted by Jayelyn Philip.)

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