The Thin Man

Inciting Event: The father goes missing after promising to return for his daughter’s wedding. The daughter tries to convince retired detective Nick Charles to take the case.

First Plot Point: The father’s secretary is murdered.

First Pinch Point: The daughter confesses to the secretary’s murder
in order to protect her father.

Midpoint: After being attacked by an intruder in his home, Nick decides to start investigating.

Second Pinch Point: One of the suspects threatens to rat on the murderer if he isn’t paid off, and he is murdered in turn.

Third Plot Point: Nick discovers the father’s disguised body buried under the floor in his own factory.

Climax: Nick and his wife host a dinner party to which they invite all the suspects.

Climactic Moment: Nick reveals that the true murderer was the father’s attorney.

Resolution: Nick and Nora take the train home to California, accompanied by the newly married daughter and her husband.

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