The Prince and Me

Inciting Event: The irresponsible Prince Edvard of Denmark decides to attend college in Wisconsin in order to meet American girls.

First Plot Point: Eddie is assigned as the responsible and goal-oriented Paige’s lab partner, much to her chagrin.

First Pinch Point: Back home in Denmark, Eddie’s father gets a grim diagnosis from the doctor.

Midpoint: After winning the lawnmower race and getting punched by the loser, Eddie kisses Paige for the first time but treats her with respect.

Second Pinch Point: The Danish paparazzi discover Eddie and Paige together in the library and reveal Eddie’s royal identity to Paige.

Third Plot Point: After Paige follows Eddie home to Denmark, he asks her to marry him.

Climax: Paige tells Eddie she has to go home and follow her own dreams.

Climactic Moment: Edward is crowned king.

Resolution: Paige graduates college and Eddie shows up to say he’ll wait for her however long he needs to.

Notes: On the surface (especially based on its title), this story would appear to be about the girl. But when we look at the structural bones, we can see that this is actually Eddie’s story. He is the one whose journey is the backbone of the story; he’s the one who is transformed by the relationship. If you’re ever uncertain of who is the main character in your story, take a look at the structural points. Which character is driving them? That’s your main character.

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