The Losers

Inciting Event: A man named Max sabotages the team’s mission in an effort to kill them. This is a short movie, which allows us to see the Inciting Event very soon after the beginning. However, note that the story still takes the time to introduce all its main characters and set up the opening raid.

First Plot Point: Aisha offers a way to help the team get home in exchange for helping her kill Max. The characters’ current “Normal World” is that of blackguarded expatriates hiding out in a foreign country. Aisha’s introduction into the mix shakes that up and gives them an opportunity to leave that world and return home. This is a good reminder that the “Normal World” of the story’s First Act doesn’t necessarily have to be “normal.” Obviously, the characters’ lives back in the States is much more normal, objectively speaking—but not from the perspective of the story’s conflict.

First Pinch Point: The team tries to capture Max, only to come up dry and realize Aisha hasn’t told them the whole truth. This pinch point provides the new clue that their supposed ally Aisha isn’t who she has led them to believe.

Midpoint: The team learns where Max is. This new information changes the scope of the conflict and allows the characters to finally go on the offensive in earnest, instead of constantly reacting to the antagonist and playing catch up with him.

Second Pinch Point: The team learns Aisha is the daughter of the man they were sent to kill in their failed mission at the beginning of the story. Here, the hints from the First Pinch Point pan out, and the team realizes the full extent of the threat Aisha poses to them.

Third Plot Point: Roque—the second-in-command and the chief’s best friend—betrays the team. The low point doesn’t get much lower than a friend stabbing you in the back.

Climax: Max arms his next-gen bomb, and the stakes go through the roof.

Climactic Moment: Clay, the team’s chief, disarms the bomb—and ends the conflict.

Resolution: The team goes after Max, with pit stops to visit their families.

Notes: Note that all of the major structural moments (with the semi-exception of the Climactic Moment) focus on the team as a whole and not just one character. Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is obviously the main character, but from the progression of the plot points we can see that the story is about all of the team members and not just him.

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