The Kid (2000)

Inciting Event: Rusty’s first appearance. Russ finds the toy plane.

First Plot Point: Rusty and Russ meet and figure out they’re the same person.

First Pinch Point: They discover that Rusty’s house is occupied by people from Russ’s time. Rusty cries (“What am I gonna do?). Russ can’t remember his childhood (“What now?).

Midpoint: In the diner. Russ decides to help Rusty learn to fight the bullies.

Second Pinch Point: Amy sees the tape of Bob Riley and rejects the possibility of a future with Russ.

Third Plot Point: Russ remembers Tripod the dog, and he and Rusty return to Rusty’s time to fight the bullies.

Climax: Rusty’s dad tells him his mom is dying. Russ realizes it wasn’t his fault. Chester and oldest Russ show up at the diner.

Climactic Moment: Rusty goes home. Russ is not a loser.

Resolution: Russ makes things right with his dad, Janet, and Amy.

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