The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Inciting Event: The uninvited dwarves visit Bilbo.

First Plot Point: Bilbo’s heart changes and he decides to join the company.

First Pinch Point: The company is chased by orcs astride wargs.

Midpoint: Unwillingly, Thorin shows the map to Lord Elrond.

Second Pinch Point: It is revealed that Azog is still alive and is looking for Thorin.

Third Plot Point: The dwarves are captured by goblins.

Climax: Thorin fights Azog, but is overpowered and left unconscious on the ground.

Climactic Moment: Bilbo saves Thorin just as the company is rescued by eagles.

Resolution: Thorin and Bilbo become friends.

(Submitted by Riyan Riyaz.)

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