The Godfather

Inciting Event: Michael’s father is almost killed.

First Plot Point: Michael kills Sollozzo who planned his father’s murder.

First Pinch Point: Sollozzo’s murder triggers a gang war and Michael flees to Sicily.

Midpoint: Sonny is killed, creating a succession vacuum for Michael’s crime family.

Second Pinch Point: Michael starts to take over the crime business. His American wife resists and wants him out of the mafia.

Third Plot Point: Michael plans to move to Las Vegas after his father dies.

Climax: Michael kills all his mafia enemies including his brother-in-law in NYC during his godson’s baptism.

Climactic Moment: Michael lies to his American wife, telling her he did not kill his brother-in-law. (Michael is the godfather of his brother-in-law’s son.)

Resolution: Michael becomes the new godfather and is congratulated by his father’s old allies.

(Submitted by Michael Finberg.)

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