The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Inciting Event: Lucy discovers Gull Cottage is haunted by the sea captain Daniel Gregg, but decides to rent it anyway.

First Plot Point: Captain Gregg reveals himself to Lucy and agrees to let her stay in his house.

First Pinch Point: Lucy’s pushy in-laws arrive to tell her that she’s lost her source of income and to try to convince her to return to London with them.

Midpoint: Lucy and Captain Gregg finish writing his biography, and he tells her she should see other men.

Second Pinch Point: The rakish Mr. Fairley flirts obtrusively with Lucy.

Third Plot Point: When Lucy agrees to marry Mr. Fairley, Captain Gregg convinces her she’s only dreamed of the ghost captain, then leaves her.

Climax: Lucy discovers Mr. Fairley is married and has two children.

Climactic Moment: Lucy dies and Captain Gregg comes for her spirit.

Resolution: Lucy and the captain walk into the clouds together.

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