Inciting Event: Gothel kidnaps the young Rapunzel from her castle.

First Plot Point: Flynn is captured by Rapunzel and is convinced to escort her to see the flying lanterns in exchange for her returning the crown he stole.

First Pinch Point: Flynn takes Rapunzel to a pub called Snuggly Duckling where she meets the frightening thugs and the guards come for Flynn.

Midpoint: Flynn and Rapunzel are trapped into a flooding cave, where Flynn reveals his real name (Eugene) and Rapuzel shows him her magic hair.

Second Pinch Point: Gothel, now in league with the Shabbington brothers (whom Eugene double-crossed), gives the crown to Rapunzel and suggests challenging Eugene’s interest in her with it.

Third Plot Point: The Shabbingtons tie Eugene onto a boat and confront Rapunzel, claiming Eugene is escaping with the crown.

Climax: Eugene enters the tower by climbing Rapunzel’s hair, where Gothel stabs him with a knife. Rapunzel agrees to a lifelong captivity if she is allowed to heal him.

Climactic Moment: Eugene cutts off Rapunzel’s hair with a piece of broken mirror, turning it to its natural brown color and destroying its magic. Gothel’s age rapidly catches up to her, and she falls from the tower.

Resolution: Rapunzel is reunited with her parents and Eugene is pardoned for his crimes. They eventually marry each other.

(Submitted by Riyan Riyaz.)

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