Surf’s Up

Inciting Event: Surfing talent scout Mikey arrives in Shiverpool looking for potential competitors. When Cody can’t demonstrate his skills because of a calm sea, he refuses to be left behind and forces Mikey to take him along.

First Plot Point: Cody arrives on Pen Gu Island and meets Lani the lifeguard.

First Pinch Point: Cody fails miserably in a surfing duel against Tank Evans.

Midpoint: Cody learns that Big Z is Lani’s uncle. She sends Cody back to face Z and “not be a jerk.”

Second Pinch Point: After getting Z to return to surfing, Cody shows he’s still focused on winning the surfing competition, disappointing Z and Lani.

Third Plot Point: The air horn sounds calling all competitors to the beach. Cody and Chicken Joe arrive for the competition.

Climax: During the last wave of the competition, Cody saves Chicken Joe from Tank Evans, but Cody and Tank stray into the Boneyard, surfing to avoid death among the rocks.

Climactic Moment: As a final massive wave crashes into the Boneyard, Big Z saves Cody from certain death. Everyone on shore assumes Cody has died.

Resolution: Big Z makes his public re-appearance and credits Cody with his return. The crowd follows Big Z, leaving surfing promoter Reggie Belafonte alone on the beach.

(Submitted by Will King.)

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