Inciting Event: Dirk receives a Civil War gold coin from a contact in Mali, where a Civil War coin should never be found. He hopes this may be a clue to a long-lost ironclad ship that disappeared at the end of the war.

First Plot Point: After learning his Nigerian contact is dead, Dirk goes to a local school and discovers records in the library that indicate an ironclad ship sailed up-river 150 years before, so they must venture further into the civil war zone in Mali.

First Pinch Point: General Kazim kills Dr. Frank Hopper. Eva Rojas escapes by hiding in a well. Dirk and Al arrive to save Eva and the three escape, but are captured by a Tuareg tribe.

Midpoint: Dirk, Al and Eva discover a solar energy plant with no power lines leading out. They stow away on a train to get into the plant to find the source of pollution poisoning local villages. Plant meant to destroy toxic waste but is, in fact, just storing it, and chemicals are leaching into the water table.

Second Pinch Point: Rudy discovers chemicals from plant will poison Atlantic Ocean if not stopped. Admiral Sandecker tells Dirk and Al who must go back and stop the leak.

Third Plot Point: Dirk and Al return to Tuareg village and ask for help but Tuareg leader refuses. They ask to borrow his car.

Climax: Dirk and Al pose as General Kazim to gain entry to solar plant, then seek to find Eva and the bomb set to destroy the plant by Yves Massarde.

Climactic Moment: As General Kazim approaches with helicopter gunship, Dirk and Al utilize ironclad’s cannon to shoot down and kill Kazim. Soldiers surrender when they see entire area surrounded by Tuareg tribesmen.

Resolution: Admiral Sandecker returns to doing contract work for CIA. CIA agent sees to poisoning of Yves Massarde. Dirk and Eva develop their romance.

(Submitted by Will King.)

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