Real Steel

Inciting Event: Charlie is paid $100,000 to take charge of his son Max for the summer.

First Plot Point: After Charlie’s brand new boxing robot is demolished in a fight, Max rescues the old sparring robot Atom from the junkyard.

First Pinch Point: Charlie and Max witness the undefeated robot boxer Zeus.

Midpoint: Max and Atom win their first fight.

Second Pinch Point: Zeus’s owners try to buy Atom, and Max challenges them to a fight.

Third Plot Point: After getting beat up and robbed by debt collectors, Charlie surrenders custody of Max to his aunt.

Climax: Charlie, Max, and Atom enter the ring with Zeus.

Climactic Moment: The fight ends.

Resolution: A demolished Zeus is declared the winner on points (barely), but Charlie and Max count it a victory. Charlie admits that he loves Max.

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