Open Range

Inciting Event: Boss and Charley go to Harmonville to find their cowhand Mose, who went missing.

First Plot Point: Baxter’s men scatter the herd, kill Mose, and break Button’ skull.

First Pinch Point: The marshall confronts Boss and Charley and tells them he has a warrant for their arrest.

Midpoint: Boss and Charley chain up the marshall in his own jail and lay a trap for Baxter’s men.

Second Pinch Point: The townsfolk know there’s a fight coming and flee town.

Third Plot Point: Boss and Charley face Baxter and his men, and Charley kills the hired gun Butler.

Climax: Baxter uses Button as bait to lure in Boss and Charley.

Climactic Moment: Boss kills Baxter.

Resolution: Charley tries to leave Sue, but returns to ask her to marry him.

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