Inciting Event: After getting kicked out of the workhouse for asking for “more,” Oliver is taken on approval to work for the undertaker.

First Plot Point: After running away to London, Oliver meets the Artful Dodger, who tells him to “consider yourself part of the family” and takes him home to Fagin.

First Pinch Point: Fagin puts Oliver and the other boys to bed, then sneaks out to meet with Sikes, who has just returned from a housebreaking. Fagin is nervous because he doesn’t have the money to pay Sikes for the stolen goods he’s fenced.

Midpoint: Oliver goes out on the job with Dodger and realizes the boys are pickpockets. He is accused of their theft and arrested.

Second Pinch Point: Sikes is fearful that Oliver will peach on them, so he and Nancy kidnap Oliver and take him back to Fagin’s, where Sikes tries to beat Oliver and threatens both Nancy and Fagin.

Third Plot Point: Nancy steals Oliver away from Sikes and tries to take him back to his great-uncle. Sikes chases them, beats Nancy to death, and re-captures Oliver.

Climax: The mob pursues Sikes for Nancy’s murder, and he grabs Oliver to protect himself.

Climactic Moment: Sikes is shot by a policeman.

Resolution: Fagin and Dodger continue their life of crime. Oliver returns to his great-uncle.

Notes: The First Act is properly the place to introduce all major characters. But when the protagonist enters such a drastically different “world” after the First Plot Point, there will always be important characters (sometimes many of them) left to introduce. Optimally, all of the remaining important characters will be introduced promptly after the First Plot Point. When that isn’t possible, they should at least be foreshadowed. This movie does a good job of that with Sikes. As the main antagonist, he’s a hugely important character, and yet he doesn’t show up until the First Pinch Point. But he is foreshadowed in the musical number just after the First Plot Point when Fagin sings, “Take a tip from old Bill Sikes / He can whip what he likes.”

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