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Movie: Directed by Marc Lawrence.

Inciting Event: Alex receives an offer from Cora to writing her new hit song. Unfortunately Alex has never been able to write lyrics for his music. He has no chance to satisfy Cora and get the job.

First Plot Point: Alex plays Sophie’s casual rhyme on the piano and shows her how good their joint venture could be, declaring Sophie is a born lyricist. Sophie decides to write with Alex. Both characters leave their Normal Worlds: Alex abandons his habit of working alone, and Sophie leaves her house and usual job to move to Alex’s flat.

First Pinch Point: The song is finally starting to come out: Sophie found a very good initial phrase and Alex the music to accompany it. But on the way to a cafeteria to have breakfast, Sophie gets confused in front of a library where copies of the latest bestseller invade the window. Sophie confesses to have had a love story with Sloan, the author, but she broke up with him due to his never-mentioned fiancée. After a year, Sloan published his bestseller, in which Sophie is perfectly recognizable, and worst of all she is cruelly described as a non-professional writer. This consideration about herself, declared by her lover and estimated teacher and literary-prize winner, made Sophie stop writing. Alex worries Sophie’s crisis will stop her from helping him.

Midpoint: Sophie realizes she is still influenced by Sloan’s opinion, even if he is arrogant and presumptuous. Alex convinces her she is too wonderful to be judged or refrained by someone like Sloan. Sophie reacts: she finally leaves Sloan in the past. The day after, thanks to Sophie’s honest and warm encouragement, Alex reacts too: he stops to endure his annoyed status of middle-aged, forgotten singer and starts enjoying singing even in small amusement park with little public.

Second Pinch Point: Cora changes the music of the song, ruining it. Sophie wants to convince her to go back to the music they created for her, but Alex stops her, threatening to get rid of her and continue alone, since Sophie is not a professional lyricist. Alex and Sophie argue.

Third Plot Point: Sophie cannot concentrate on writing the last verse requested by Cora knowing Cora will ruin the song entirely and Alex will accept it for money and fame. Sophie wants to leave. Alex becomes angry and reveals Sophie that she is exactly as Sloan described her in the book, putting Sophie in front of her worst nightmare: the terrible opinion Sloan had about her was right. Sophie abandons Alex, leaving him with his worst nightmare: he has to finish the song but he is unable to write lyrics.

Climax: At the concert, everyone waits for Cora’s new song. Cora presents a new song as written by Alex only, and Sophie feels betrayed. But Alex has in fact a new song he especially wrote for Sophie, and sings it declaring his feelings in front of the crowded Madison Square Garden.

Climactic Moment: Sophie reaches Alex in the backstage and discovers he convinced Cora not to amend the song: Alex finally admitted to Cora his love for Sophie and instead of pleasing Cora, he was honest to himself and asked for what he really wanted.

Cora shares Alex and Sophie’s name to the entire public as authors of the song. The song is a hit.

Resolution: Sophie and Alex get back together. The rest of minor loose ends are tied off during the closing titles: Alex and Sophie stay together and write, they have success, Sloan receives very bad reviews, Alex’s ex-band partners are all old and injured.

Comments: At the end, Alex is changed in two ways: he learned to write lyrics and to be honest in declaring what he thinks instead of trying to satisfy important/famous people (i.e., Cora).

(Submitted by Alice Kindl.)

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