Inciting Event: Spurned by other school children, Megamind quits trying to curry favor and decides to become the baddest bad boy he can be.

First Plot Point: Megamind takes news reporter Roxanne Ritchie hostage and engages with Metro Man in another battle between good and evil. But this time something goes wrong–he wins!

First Pinch Point: Roxanne’s news cameraman Hal is accidentally infused with Metro Man’s powers and becomes the superhero Tighten.

Midpoint: Tighten, feeling rejected by Roxanne, decides to use his superpowers for his own gratification, and becomes another super villain.

Second Pinch Point: Roxanne and Megamind discover Metro Man is still alive, but he refuses to help them stop Tighten.

Third Plot Point: Megamind is imprisoned.

Climax: Megamind (disguised as Metro Man) chases Tighten away temporarily, but Tighten returns, and in the final fight throws Megamind high into the air so he can fall to his death.

Climactic Moment: Megamind (in dehydrated form) lands in the fountain, reconstitutes, catches his diffuser gun and takes away Tighten’s super powers.

Resolution: Megamind becomes the new hero of Metro City. A giant statue is dedicated in his honor.

(Submitted by Will King.)

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