Mad Max 3 : Beyond the Thunderdome

Inciting Event: To retrieve his stolen possessions, Max agrees to play hitman for Auntie, kill the Blaster, and capture the Master.

First Plot Point: Max challenges the Master to Thunderdome.

First Pinch Point: Max is banished to the Gulag.

Midpoint: Savannah and a few followers head into the Wasteland to try to find Tomorrow-morrowland; Max must find and return them to safety.

Second Pinch Point: In order to survive, Max and the kids press on to Bartertown to free the Master.

Third Plot Point: Max, the kids, Pig Killer, and the Master escape Bartertown. Auntie sends her troops to bring back the Master and kill everyone else.

Climax: Auntie’s army pursues Max to Jedediah the Pilot’s airport.

Climactic Moment: Max barrels into the oncoming mass of vehicles clearing a path for the plane to take off, allowing everyone else to escape.

Resolution: The escapees settle in devastated Sydney and establish a new tribe. Auntie returns to rebuild Bartertown, and Max goes on alone.

(Submitted by Will King.)

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