Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Inciting Event: Max, in need of gasoline, forces the Gyro Pilot to lead him to a refinery.

First Plot Point: Max discovers the refinery is surrounded by a road gang who want to kill the inhabitants and capture the gasoline.

First Pinch Point: Max rescues one of the refinery workers from the road gang hoping to be rewarded with gasoline but becomes trapped in the refinery.

Midpoint: Max offers to retrieve a truck to haul the gasoline tanker in return for his vehicle and gasoline.

Second Pinch Point: Max tries to escape but is brutalized by the road gang and rescued by the Gyro Pilot.

Third Plot Point: Now a battered man, Max offers to drive the tanker.

Climax: Max drives the tanker and battles the road gang while trying to protect the feral child who stowed away on the tanker.

Climactic Moment: The tanker crashes and turns out to be a decoy carrying sand, not gasoline.

Resolution: The Gyro Pilot, the feral child, and the remaining refinery workers escape with the gasoline. Max returns to his lone wolf life.

(Submitted by Will King.)

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